Monday, October 31, 2005

Lola Sleeping!

Once a month Beth and I trim Lola's nails. As you can see in this picture taken this weekend she sleeps through the whole process! She would sleep all day in my arms if I let her, lol!
I don't know who has more white hair me or the rabbit!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Point Pelee National Park of Canada

One of my fondest childhood memories are our family winter picnics to Point Pelee.
In the 1950's my Mom, Dad, Grandmother, Grandfather, Aunts, Uncles and many cousins would make the winter time trek to the covered picnic areas of Point Pelee.
The covered picnic areas were large log structures with giant cast iron stoves located in the middle of the building surrounded by large long picnic tables.
My Dad and Uncles would cover the openings of the building with canvas and stoke the giant stove! Uncle Jack was the worlds greatest cook and spent hours at the stove cooking a huge feast while all us kids played in the snow! The smells still linger today.

Dieppe Park Windsor.

Named after Dieppe, France, where the Essex Scottish Regiment of Windsor, along with other units of the 2nd Canadian Division made an assault landing on August 19, 1942.The 5,000-man force, which included British and American armed service personnel, suffered casualties with 3,363 persons killed, wounded and prisoners of war.This Park has been named in honour of the Essex Scottish Regiment and all the men who served in this engagement and to the memory of men from this area who served in Canada's Armed Forces in World War II.

Dedicated to the men and women who served on the Royal Canadian Navy and the Canadian Merchant Navy:World War I, 1914 - 1918;World War II, 1939 - 1945;Korean War, 1950 - 1953;Canadian Naval Peacekeeping.Greater love hath no man than this that lay down his life for his country.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Uhaul Versus Police Car

Just when you thought it was safe to leave the CVS a crew member was pulling into a gas station and ran into a police car, lol!!! A perfect ending to a perfect project!!!!
Oh and "NO" I wasn't the driver!!!
Notice the trim piece missing from the Uhaul which impaled the Bloomfield Hills police car!!!

The SparV

Affectionately known as the "SparV" my home away from home for the past 4 years while traveling with Spar/CVS is a 1998 35' Holiday Rambler Motor Coach.
Fitted with all the latest electronic toys and towing our 1998 Jeep Wrangler the SparV has been great fun.
This picture was taken two years ago in Clearwater Florida.
When not on the road the SparV spends her time resting with other RV's in a storage yard near our home!

Words to live by.....

Words to live by...

When you are in deep trouble, say nothing, and try to look like you know what you're doing!!!!

The Bob-Lo Boats

The Bob-Lo Boats were always a thrill to see on the Detroit River.
The first steamer to carry passengers to the island was the ferry Promise. Frank E. Kirby designed the next two steamers: the Columbia, built in 1902, and the Ste. Claire, built in 1910. The Columbia’s first trip was July 8, 1902; the Ste. Claire’s launching was May 7, 1910 and her first trip was later that year. The Ste. Claire was named after Lake St. Clair and St. Clair River, which in turn reflect the fact that the explorer Robert de La Salle paddled through the two waterways during the feast of Ste. Claire. The Columbia, named after Christopher Columbus, is celebrating her 100th birthday this year. She is the oldest steamer in the USA, with the exception of vessels classed as ferries.Both steamers are propeller driven, as were all North American steamers. The Ste. Claire is 197 feet long, 65 feet wide and 14 feet deep. Her tonnage is 870 grt and 507 nrt. The engine is a triple expansion steam with 1083 horsepower. She can carry 2500 people.The Columbia and the Ste. Clair, which served 81 years on a single run – a record unequalled in U.S. Maritime history – are the last of the classic excursion steamers in the U.S.

Duffy's Tavern

One of our familes favorite restraurant. Sunday dinner at Duffy's was always a treat!! As kids my sister and I would sit in the window and watch the ships traveling the Detroit River and the ferry crossing to Boblo Island
Duffy's Tavern is fully licensed with seating for 400 people. Duffy's also caters to private parties in the Marine Room and the Anchor Room. Open 7 days a week, serving the very best of breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Only 20 minutes from downtown Windsor and 40 minutes from Detroit Metro Airport. Dancing and live entertainment. Friday and Saturday nights. Friendly atmosphere. Private banquet facilities. Full service restraurant. Lunch special, salad bar and buffet. Dining room overlooking Detroit River. Duffy's also doubles as an Inn and boasts over 35 rooms with king size beds, jacuzzis, pool, exercise room and more.

Fort Malden National Historic Site of Canada

Fort Malden was always on the list of places to visit while in Windsor. Our family always went for rides on Sunday and the Fort was a great place to play.
In 1812, the main outpost for the British army in the Western District was Fort Malden. It stood just north of the town of Amherstburg and had been built in 1796, after the British moved to the south side of the Detroit River. At the beginning of the war, there were approximately 250 regular soldiers based at the fort. The garrison was manned by men from the 41st Infantry Regiment. Amherstburg was also a major base for the British Indian Department and had the King's Dockyard, where ships for the upper Great Lakes were built. The Dockyard was also the local base for the Provincial Marine.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Engine 5588 Dieppe Park

Dieppe Park sits on Windsor's waterfront, looking across the Detroit River at the Detroit skyline. There you'll find Engine 5588, a steam locomotive built in 1911, sitting idle and on display. This was the end of the Great Western Railway, which once ran from Toronto to Windsor.

The Penobscot Building

When I was a kid we use to visit Dieppe Park in Windsor overlooking the Detroit River and the Detroit skyline. I remember thinking the Penobscot Building was the biggest building I had ever seen. I thought it was the building King Kong climbed, lol!!!!!

The building was designed by Wirt C. Rowland of the leading Detroit architectural firm Smith, Hinchman & Grylls.
Clad in Indiana limestone with a granite base, it rises like a shear cliff for thirty stories, then has a series of setbacks culminating in a red neon beacon tower.
Ornamentation follows American Indian motifs, particularly in the entrance archway and in metalwork found in the lobby.
The Penobscot Building was Detroit's tallest building for nearly half a century until the Marriott Renaissance Center overtook it in 1977.
Once the tallest building outside New York and Chicago
8th tallest building in the world, when it was completed.
The old framing elevation drawing of this building list is as being 560'-10" to the highest roof, 563'-10" to the parapet wall around the roof, and 652'-10" to the top of the warning beacon atop the antenna.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Lancaster Over Windsor

This famous WW2 Lancaster bomber is on display as the center piece of the Queens Rose Garden in Windsor Ontario.
In 1960 I use to play on this airplane before it was mounted while attending Saturday YMCA.
It seems just like yesterday!

Detroit/Windsor At Night!

I was taking off from Detroit Wednesday evening to the east right over downtown Detroit and my home town Windsor Ontario Canada, on the right in this picture, giving me a great opportunity for this beautiful night time picture.
The Detroit River seperates the US and Canada. You can clearly see the Ambassador Bridge crossing between the two counties.
Oh I took this picture with my cell phone!

Union Pickets CVS

As many of you know I build CVS Pharmacies.
I have several crews doing reset work in the Detroit area a large union city.
This store located in Bloomfield Hills is being picketed by the carpenters union.
CVS uses independent general contractors within their stores. This GC is not a union contractor so the union is picketing.
The store is progressing even with a giant "Rat" sittin on the sidewalk, lol!!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Don't Hook Me Up To A Machine!

This is pretty good!!!!!

Lola Our Lop Eared Bunny!

It's the Easter Bunny!

Lola is the last member of our family, I promise, lol!!!
She's a three year old lop eared bunny. We got her when she could sit in the palm of my hand. She's sweet, loving and enjoys sleeping on the bed!

Guarding The Yard!

Always on the lookout!

Ever vigilent, always on guard, protecting us from harm and loving us unconditionly it's the alpha dog Louise!

Our House!

Sarc family home in Woodstock, GA!

Beth and I bought our new home in the fall of 1996.
The house is located on a half acre wooded lot in the Spicers Grove subdivision just outside of Woodstock, GA.
We have vaulted ceilings in our living room and kitchen along with a tray ceiling in the master bedroom. The house has three bed rooms, a full basement and a two car garage.
We have a large deck located off our kitchen that we really enjoy.

It's Spooky At The Sarc House!

Halloween in Woodstock!

Beth and I made this ghost a few years ago as part of our Halloween decorations!
It's pretty spooky don't you think?

The Human Members Of The Sarc Family!

There really are humans at our house!!!

Ralph, Beth and Louise t00!!!

Sunday Morning At The Sarc Household

Sunday Morning Napping!

Sunday morning breakfast in bed while watching Sponge Bob is a favorite around the Sarc household on weekends. Napping afterwords is priceless!
Here's Louise enjoying her Sunday morning after breakfast nap, lol!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

A Father-In-Laws Dream

Volvo Automotive Company News

Volvo Automotive Company announced today its new “Quiet Safety Belt System!”
The new system will be standard on all 2006 vehicles.
Sales of new 2006 Volvo’s are expected to sky rocket.

GM, Ford, Chrysler and all Asian manufacturers are thought to be developing similar systems.

Meet The Office Staff

Meet The Office Staff!

With business booming within the Southern District Office of the Spar Group I have had to hire an office staff.
The staffs main responsibilities will include sleeping, holding down the couch and guarding the office from the DHL person!!!
Please join me in welcoming my new staff!

Visit My MSN Groups.

Visit My MSN Groups.

In my spare time I enjoy maintaining several groups at MSN.
The most successful is Heart SmartAdvice. The group has 378 members from around the world and is constantly busy.
The group offers informations and support to men and women with heart disease, bypass survivors, stent implants and valve disorders. You will also find info concerning exercise, diet, smoking, stroke and much more. Visit our Wed and Sun evening group chatroom beginning at 9 pm eastern. You can find HeartSmartAdvice by clicking this link

My second group is RV's and More.
I started this group to share my trips in the SparV while travling to all the wonderful cities and towns throughout the US opening CVS Pharmacies! It now has 300 plus members and has a active daily group chat room.
You can find RV's and More by clicking this link

Finally my third group is Woodstock HO Trains.
Here you'll find all sorts of stuff pertaining to HO Model Railroading, a passion my father and I both share. There are pictures of my model railroad in my basement.
You can find Woodstock HO Trains by clicking this link

Have a great day.

Ralph Starts New Business!

Ralph Starts New Business!

Finally after all these year of slaving away for corporate America I have finally gained the courage to strike out on my own and become my own boss!!!
After completing a six month e-training course via the internet I have finally opened my first office.
I am considering franchising so if you are interested in this growing opportunity please feel free to contact me.

The Birthday Boy!

Happy Birthday Isaiah

My God son Isaiah turned 1 year old on 08/11!
As you can see in the picture the birthday cake was a great success, lol!!! He was the hit of the day and I thought I'd die laughing at his first attempts at birthday cake eating!

Janie Joins Our Family

Meet Janie!

Well it's offical! We have another dog!!
Janie is a 102 year old bundle of love. She has brighten our life with her happy eyes and constant need for love.
Beth and Janie have become inseparable!
Beth rescued her as a travel companion for me when traveling in the SparV. Janie has made one trip to Florida and so far has remained home every since! Does that surprise anyone???

Hummingbirds Invade Our Backyard!

We have had an exciting few weeks as the annual migration of Hummingbirds has begun. We have two feeders in the yard and both are enjoying heavy business.
Beth has enjoyed the constant battles to gain control of the feeders.
We have confirmed the sighting of at least five Hummers which means, according to our research, that we may have as many as twenty individuals in the backyard!
One feeder is located on our deck and it is great fun for Beth and I to share morning coffee and watch the Hummers.