Thursday, October 27, 2011

Where are my sunglasses?

Marco misplaced his sunglasses while sunning on the front porch Sunday, lol!!!

Sunday Breakfast at Grams

Beth spent Saturday evening at her Moms so Gram invited me over for Sunday breakfast. Thanks Gram!

Cure for Cancer!!

I read in the Journal of Medicine that soft chocolate brownies with German chocolate icing was the newest possible cure for Breast Cancer so I made some for Beth. They’re almost gone and the Cancer seems to be better!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Paperwork Helper!!

Marco was determined to help me with my paperwork today, lol! My poor pup was a bit needy all day!

Rainy days in Sunny Isles Beach, FL.

This week I returned to Florida visiting the Sunny Isles Beach area. I can tell you it wasn’t sunny, lol! Twice Tuesday evening I was awaken in my hotel room by large thunderstorms, pounding rains and heavy winds. It was like a mini hurricane!!

Judd’s Memorial

Sunday the family gathered at the Moresi’s home to attend a memorial for Judd. There were prayers, songs, tears and laughter. I think Judd would have been pleased. All three daughters spoke about their Dad and I was very proud of Beth and her eulogy to her Dad. We all said goodbye to a wonderful man, a fantastic father and a loving husband. We miss and love you.

Boeing 767

Yesterday for the first time I flew back to Atlanta from Miami in a Boeing 767 wide body airliner. Very comfortable aircraft with great leg room even in couch. There were 60 medallion members looking for upgrades into 30 first class seats and I didn’t make the cut! Oh well it was a nice flight regardless.

Three Cancer Girlfriends!

Pictured here are three childhood girlfriends around the same age all growing up in Oakridge TN all with Cancer!
From left to right Amy, Beth and Nancy.

Breast Cancer Pink Weekend

Saturday was Breast Cancer awareness day at the Towne Lake Carwash. Pink was everywhere and I bought this great bumper magnet for my car. “Flight like a Girl”!

For more visit them at: or on Facebook.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween Ghosts in Woodstock!

A Halloween Ghost was seen hovering around the front yard yesterday and was seen glowing orange last night. Pretty spooky!!!

Puka Shells from Hawaii

Our good friend Lynn Smith Wilson recently enjoyed a week’s vacation in Hawaii. While Lynn was enjoying the sun Nancy Slotemaker and I repeatly sent emails and Facebook posts demanding that Lynn buy use both Puka Shell necklaces as a present, lol! Well she did and now Nancy and I are both sporting Puka Shells hanging from our car mirrors!

Keller Krew Flowers.

Thank you Keller Krew for the wonderful flowers.
Beth loved them.

Yummy Spanish Pastry!

I have spent the last three weeks traveling to Miami, FL.
While there I have enjoyed several Yummy Spanish Pastry.
This white cheese and guava honey glased pastry is fantastic.

Monday, October 10, 2011

RIP Papa Judd.

On Friday October 7th 2011 at 1:15PM my wonderful father-in-law lost his battle with
Alzheimer’s and went to heaven. I love you and will miss you.
RIP Judd Kahn.

Miami Again!!!

Just got settled in my hotel in time to enjoy my chicken fried rice and watch a thunder storm race across the Miami area!

Play Ball

Come on I'll play ball if you want to!!!! No really I'll play ball even if you're trying to work in the office!!! Come on, please!!!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Punch Biopsy

Yesterday Beth had her fourth and final Punch Biopsy to map her surgery site. Surgery is set for the last week in October. She has opted for a left breast reduction and reconstructive surgery of her right breast at the same time using skin from her tummy.

Real Dog!

Marco loves to hang his head out the window but only if we drive slow, lol!!
"Look in the mirror"

Fall in Georgia

My most favorite southern season has finally arrived!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Only in Miami

I love to car watch when in Miami. This red Ferrari stopped next to me at a stop light and had my name all over it. Santa are you listening, lol?

New Miami Airport Transit Mall

Miami International Airport opened it's new transit mall last week. The new "People Mover" connects the terminals with the Rental Car Facility.
Oddly the mall is painted a bright pink with a XXX on the wall making the traveler think that they might be entering a less than normal book store, lol!

Cooler Weather

With the coming of the cooler weather Marco has returned to his warm pillow bed in the office during the day to nap.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Happy 15th Anniversary!

I'm the luckiest guy in the world!!
I have a lot of flaws but she has been the best part of me for 17 years!
Happy 15th my beautiful girl!

Round Trip!!!

To the west coast!!

Back to Atlanta in four days!! Can you say "jet lag"?

My Ariel Office!!

Boy I seem to office in the air alot, lol!


While visting the LA area my hotel was located just down the street from ABC/Disney's new headquarters in Burbank Ca. All of their studios and filming are here. I tried to schedule a tour but there is a two month waiting list!!!

Randy's Donuts

A few weeks ago I made a quick four day trip to LA. I'm pleased to announce that after being destroyed in numerous SiFi movies Randy’s Donuts is still safe and very sound doing great business on its corner outside LAX.
Randy's was built in 1953 (and first appears in the 1954 edition phone book) as the second location of the now-defunct Big Donut Drive-In chain by Russell C. Wendell, a donut machine salesman. There were 10 locations, built over the course of the 1950s. At least four other Big Donuts survive: they are Kindle's Donuts in Los Angeles (this is the original location, built in 1950), the Donut King II in Gardena, Dale's Donuts in Compton, and Bellflower Bagels in Bellflower. Each features the distinctive giant donut constructed of rolled steel bars covered with gunnite, the material used in swimming pools. Five Big Donuts have been demolished. They were located in Culver City, North Hollywood, Inglewood (on Imperial Hwy, 7), Van Nuys and Reseda.

Woodstock Tornado

A tornado hit our area a 1/8th of a mile from our house on Labor Day causing damage to about 400 homes and businesses in the area. These pictures were taken just down the street and show the path of the tornado.
Authorities say one person was injured in the tornado as the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee crossed the state.
Lt. Jay Baker with the Cherokee County Sheriff's department said the storm toppled trees Monday afternoon and several trees landed in homes. He said the victim was taken to the hospital but the person's condition is not known.
Weather officials say much of North Georgia is being hit with heavy rains and strong winds as the storm system moves through. Most of the state was under tornado and flood watches starting Monday afternoon.
Officials also said the state will get between two and four inches of rain by Tuesday morning and we did!!

Holiday Inn Egg Flats!!

While visiting Morgantown I stayed at the Holiday Inn and was treated to Egg Flats for breakfast!!! They were pretty good what ever they really were, lol!!

Morgantown PA.

A few weeks ago I visited the Morgantown PA area.
Morgantown was named after Colonel Jacob Morgan, who laid out the town around 1770. His father, Thomas, had been a native of Wales, a captain in the French and Indian War, and owner of a large tract of choice land in Caernarvon Township. Jacob Morgan settled in this area around 1765, building a large stone house "picture above", which still stands on Hartz Road between Mineview Drive and Shiloh Road. It is rumored to have housed George Washington during a brief overnight visit. The house has been restored by its owners.


My roommate at the Comfort Inn Miami!!!

Early Morning Tropical Wave Thunderstorm

Miami is famous for it's tropical waves of weather that produce large quick moving thunder storms like this one.

Miami Sunset

Sunset from my room on the 10th floor of the Comfort Inn overlooking the Miami International Airport.

Ping House Miami

While visiting Miami a last week I was able to visit my favorite Chinese restaurant in the US. I've been a regular customer of the Ping House for 15 years because they make the best chicken fried rice in the country!!! Plus the owner calls me Kenny Rogers, lol!!!