Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Mexico Sunset.

Beautiful New Mexico sunset.

Turkey Vultures!

Turkey Vulture roost in downtown Carlsbad, NM!! I guess they're waiting for some poor thing to die!!

Poor Marco misses his Daddy!

Poor little Marco misses me so much that he pulled his be into the hallway facing my home office door and waited for me to come out. Bless your little soul I'll see you Thursday!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Missing Me!!!

Beth reports that my poor little dog is really missing me :-(

Guadalupe National Park March 2011

Archaeological remnants, such as spear tips, knife blades, bits of basket work, and pottery shards, attest to a human presence in the Guadalupe Mountains that goes back about 12,000 years. When people first came to the area, during the decline of the last Pleistocene ice age, the climate was wet and humid. The first people who lived here probably foraged for food and hunted such animals as camels and mammoths.
By the time Spanish explorers appeared (around 1550), wandering Mescalero Apaches often made their camps at springs near the base of the range.
Apache and Spanish legends about great treasures of gold and silver hidden in the mountains eventually drew American prospectors to this desert. In the years after the Civil War, they were followed by farmers, ranchers, and the U.S. Cavalry.
In the Guadalupe Mountains, the Mescalero Apaches made their last stand, but by 1890 virtually every Apache had been killed or forced onto a reservation. Initially the territory was taken over by private ranching and mining interests. Over time, enough land was donated to create a park, which is still being expanded as more land becomes available to the Park Service.

Border Patrol Check Point

Border Patrol Station just outside El Paso TX. The officer was thrilled to have a Canadian from Georgia stop at his station. He said it was a first, lol!

Guadalupe Mountains March 2011

The Guadalupe Mountains are stunning to view, which begs the question: How were they formed? At more than a mile and a half above sea level, El Capitan (8,085 feet) and adjacent Guadalupe Peak (8,749 feet) are the two tallest mountains in Texas. The peaks are the most obvious sections of the Capitan Reef, most of which still lies buried thousands of feet below the desert's surface.
More than 250 million years ago, the immense reef enclosed about 10,000 square miles of a shallow inland sea. The reef was formed as the remains of lime-secreting algae and other primitive creatures that lived in the sea washed ashore. Gradually the climate of the region changed, and the sea dried up, leaving much of the reef exposed.
More millennia passed, and the seabed and the reef were buried beneath a vast plain, where they remained for millions of years. Then, about 12 million years ago, geologic processes deep beneath the earth raised and tilted the ancient seabed and reef, leaving the 40-mile section now known as the Guadalupe Mountains high and dry. In the process, the reef was fractured in several places. 
Over more millions of years, wind and water worked to turn these deep cracks into lovely canyons that slice into the mountains we see today. These chasms, including McKittrick Canyon, Dog Canyon, and many others, are the heart of Guadalupe Mountains National Park.


Sunday, March 06, 2011

Rainy Sunday Morning!

It's a rainy and windy Sunday morning in Woodstock.

All Night Woodstock Diner Waffles!

The All Night Woodstock Diner was serving up rainy Sunday morning waffles this morning for the family to enjoy! The chief received many good comments!

Saturday, March 05, 2011

New toys for the pups!

These new rope/ball toys were a big hit! The brown one in the center has been gutted, turned in side out through the mouth and is missing two arms and one leg while the other two are in several different stages of dismemberment, lol!

Tug-a-War Pups

Marco and Eve enjoy a game of tug-a-war with a new rope toy before Jackson gutted and turned it in side out, lol!!

Rainy day in Georgia!

Rainy Saturday March 5th morning in Woodstock, GA! Perfect day for indoor projects.

Seeding the side and back yard!

Newly seeded side and backyard area. Home Depot guaranteed this new Fescue seed to be shade and drought tolerant, fast growing with a thick carpet like appearance!

We'll see!!!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Poor McCloud!

McCloud under our storm shelter!

Thunder Storms really scare poor McCloud!

Thunder Storm 02/28/2011

Radar and tornado warning from the Weather Channel.

Storm racing towards us!

View from our basement window as the tornado warning sirens sounded!

Dead tree across the street finally broke at the top and fell on the house below!

Penny verses garbage disposer!

Somehow the penny on the left found it's way into the garbage disposer jamming it tightly. Luckily our live in repair man was home to dismantle the garbage disposer, remove the penny and reinstall the disposer today!