Sunday, December 30, 2007

NBS Studios Burbank CA.

Also located a few blocks from my hotel was NBC's Burbank studio.
In 2007, NBC reported that the studio will leave "beautiful downtown Burbank", the historic studio where Johnny Carson and Jay Leno taped "The Tonight Show" and Bob Hope taped his annual specials.
NBC is planning to sell the land (34 acres in all) and will reportedly relocate its facilities to a new, state-of-the-art facility planned for Universal City, just north of Universal Studios Hollywood, near the existing Red Line station. (Universal is owned by NBC.) The new headquarters (to be called "The West Coast News Headquarters") won't be finished until 2011, so NBC will probably lease back some of the studio space until their new facilities are ready for prime time.
"The Tonight Show", which will see Conan O'Brian become the new host in 2009, will reportedly move to Stage 1 at Universal Studios Hollywood.
The fortunes of the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) have always been closely tied to those of its parent company, Radio Corporation of America (RCA). Unlike CBS, which was formed as an independent programming enterprise, NBC came into existence as the subsidiary of an electronics manufacturer which saw programming as a form of marketing, an enticement to purchase radio and television receivers for the home. The power and influence of a national network aided RCA as it lobbied to see its technology adopted as the industry standard, particularly during the early years of television and in the battle over color television.

Warner Brothers Studios

Located just blocks from my hotel was the famed Warner Brothers Studios.
Warner Bros. Studios, one of the foremost motion picture and television production and post production facilities in the world, is the site on which hundreds of unforgettable films and television shows have been created and filmed. The historic 110-acre facility is home to 29 sound stages plus a 20-acre backlot that can double as almost anywhere, be it a bustling metropolitan city, a jungle in the rainforest or Main Street, USA. With its world class post production facilities and complete range of production-related services—including costume, property/set dressing, set design and construction, scenic art, set lighting, grip, transportation and photo lab—the Studio has continually been updated, remaining true to the world-class standards of creativity and technology pioneered by the Warner Brothers—Harry, Sam, Albert and Jack.

Going and Coming!!!

This week took my to the last working CVS store for 2007 located in Burbank, CA!
I flew out Thursday and returned Saturday evening.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Nap!!!

After the presents were opened and after our Christmas breakfast Janie and I settled in front of the fire place for a short morning nap!
Covered in my new pajama bottoms we slept right through Beth talking pictures of us, lol!

Let the feast begin!

Beth's sister Stacey supplied the turkey and dressing while June made all our seasonal favorites.
I'm so full that I doubt that I will eat until I return from California on Saturday!

June and Judds Christmas tree.

June and Judds Christmas tree looked so nice with all the presents under it today. We had such a great time.

A Dog Under Our Tree.

Shortly after open our Christmas presents this morning we found an unopen surprise under our tree!

We thought about returning it but it looked so sweet that we decided to keep it only because we couldn't find a receipt!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Warm House

Temperatures are forecasted to drop into the twenties this evening in Georgia so it’s a perfect evening for a fire and a movie.

Cool New Ornament!

While setting up the Christmas tree yesterday Beth surprised me with a few new ornaments from Pier One Imports. This airplane is really cool!

A Warm Cozy Christmas Living Room

Beth and I rarely use our living room and dinning room however during the holidays we really enjoy spending time in front of our fireplace and Christmas tree.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Our Christmas Tree

Well here’s our 2007 Christmas tree!
This has become a labor of love for the master of the house and I must say I think I’ve topped all other trees with this one.
Beth and I have collected ornaments separately and together for years and have amassed quit the collection making our tree a delight to all that see it.
We get many complements each year and visitors are surprised to find that our tree isn’t real!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!
Beth and Ralph.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Additions to the Outdoor Lighting Extravaganza

While at Kroger’s the other day outdoor Christmas candy cane decorations were on sale at $2.00 each so I bought four and mounted them on either side of our Penguin!

Both As Good As New!

Two days in the shop, $756.85 and my beautiful Impala is as good as new!!!
One week after the surgery plus a week of watching animal planet on the couch in the office and Louise is almost as good as new. We get our stitches out Friday.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Resting Comfortably

I just wanted to take a moment to thanks everyone for their wonderful cards and flowers. You’re all so kind.
As you can see by this picture Ralph took this morning I’m resting comfortably after me surgery. I am recovering quickly and return to the doctors next week to have my stitches removed.
It must be the medication as I hear Beth and Ralph calling me 42” LCD TV and I think they tried to put a DVD in me to watch last night! It could have been a bad dream!

Thanks again for all your kind thoughts.


Friday, December 07, 2007

Not This Year!!!!

On Monday we had to rush Louise to the vet for emergency surgery to remove a large tumor growing very close to her urethra. It was touch and go all day as to whether she would survive the surgery due to its complex nature!

Thanks to the very fine staff at Cobb Emergency Veterinarian Surgery Group, Dr. Thomas Noone, oh and $2195.10 Louise is resting comfortably at home and is doing very well on her road to recovery.

I was so upset Monday that I ran into a pole while backing up and did $798.00 damage to the rear bumper of the Impala. Allstate Insurance paid all except for our $500.00 deductible!!!

Monday’s total was $2695.10!!! Oh and as for that beautiful 42” LCD TV Beth and I were buying as a joint Christmas gift, well we’ve changed Louise’s name to 42” LCD TV formally known as Louise Sarc!!!
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Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Christmas elf's have been seen in Woodstock,GA!!!

Click on this link to see home movies of real elf's!!!

Oh and this one for their pet elf's!!!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Christmas Lights 2007!

Deck the halls with cows and collies!!!!
Well they were fresh out of cows and collies so we decided to do multi colored lights and a 36” penguin!!! Beth bought the penguin last year at the end of the season on sale and we’ve decided to continue that tradition each year adding to our display.
I’ll change the bulbs in my outdoor lighting this week with colored bulbs and may add lights to the other bushes.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Light The Tree!

Well here this years Christmas Tree spectacular, lol!!!
Chris replaced all the green lights this year as many of the strands we’ve used for four years and they had lost their green color.
He also added from top to bottom a green light rope to accent the trunk. This picture doesn't show that the tree is almost 50' tall!
I suggested maybe some light-up presents under the tree would finish the display.
Chris reports a few drive by lookers already!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Team Viagra Gets It Up!!!

Team Viagra conquered temperatures in the thirties, high winds and a lack of team members to achieve today’s enormous tree erection.
New guide wire side mounts and a pivoting base made this the easiest erection in years!
Assisting this year was Joe, Emery, Ralph, Chris, and Molly, Chris’s mother, several members of Joe’s family and new neighbors from across the street.
Chris will install the lights this week and we’ll all enjoy a tree lighting Friday evening.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Team Viagra Fails to Achieve Erection!

The annual day after Thanksgiving get together of “Team Viagra” to erect the neighborhood Christmas tree fell short of its erection goals due to mechanical problems.
All the team was disappointed in their performance but vowed to attempt full erection of the tree tomorrow, lol!!!

Sweetest Dog on the Planet!!!

Okay yes she’s our dog but you have to admit she’s pretty sweet and she smells like warm brown sugar all the time.
Our vet says Janie maybe a reincarnated peaceful soul. I vote she’s an angel come to earth to bring us unconditional love and an unending smile to both our faces!


Here’s Beth and Ralph patiently waiting for their human cargo to finishing whatever they were doing in that huge garage, lol!!
Ralph wore is Canadian license plate and Beth was looking oh so sporty and sexy!!!

Gram and Papa come to the rescue!

With Margaret away for the holidays in Washington DC we thought we’d have to have dinner without her world famous home made cranberries but thankfully Gram came to the rescue!!! Gram called Margaret getting the recipe over the phone and made the cranberries so our dinner would be complete!
Here are Beth’s parents Judd and June lovingly known as Gram and Papa enjoying Thanksgiving dinner too!

Madelyn's Cupcakes

For several years Madelyn has made cupcakes for school, family events and her Uncle Ralph! This year her “Red Velvet Cupcakes” were the best ever!!
Somehow three cupcakes were smuggled out in a plastic bag when Uncle Ralph drove Gram and Papa home last night!

Family Thanksgiving

This years Thanksgiving family gathering was held a Beth’s sisters home in Roswell GA just 17 miles east of us in Woodstock.
Beth drove over Wednesday evening and spent the night while I tended to the dogs and drove Gram and Papa over Thursday morning.
Here’s Beth’s sister Kristy and niece Madelyn peeling potatoes for the mounds of mash potatoes everyone enjoys!
The “King” of turkey and dressing here’s Kristy’s husband Pete carving the finished turkey. I wait every year for Pete’s what should be his award winning dressing!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Georgia Color

As you can see by these pictures taken today we're at the peak of our fall color in Georgia. We're two weeks behind in our fall colors from Mom and Dad in Canada. Our days are much cooler and a bit frosty at night.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fall and Rain

The leaves are changing in GA and AL. This picture was taken along I-20 in AL on my return to Atlanta.
Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue prayed for rain yesterday on the steps of the state capital and look what happend!! We got a 1/2 inch in Woodstock last night! I wonder if it was devine intervention or if he watch the morning weather forcast??

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fountain and Flowers

The Portofino Bay Hotel had many beautiful and relaxing court yards throughout the complex.
All had wonderful fountains with lavish tropical plants.

Sun Set on Portofino Bay!

Sunday evening sun set on Portofino Bay.

RGIS Annual Meeting Orlando Florida

RGIS held it's annual management meeting in Orlando Florida at the Portofino Bay Hotel this weekend. The hotel is an upscale re-creation of Portofino, a seaside village in Italy, and provides a spa, 3 themed pools, bocce ball courts, and a piazza with shops and fine-dining restaurants. The 750 Italian-styled guestrooms feature authentic Italian furnishings, high speed internet access, minibars, and complimentary in-room safes.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Long Way Home!

Taken at the Ontario International Airport on Thursday afternoon home was 1885 miles to the east!

Foggy California!

This week I returned to California and the CVS located in Azusa a city NE of the Los Angeles-Long Beach metro area.
One tradition says the name derives from an Indian term for "hill to the east," while another has it that a local store sold everything "from A to Z in the USA".
Azusa is at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains it was founded during the real estate boom of the 1880s and was a former shipping center for citrus fruits and avocados.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Winter Feeding Station

With winter around the corning I double my efforts to keep food and water fresh for our visiting birds, squirrels and chipmunks.
Our 5 feeders and 1 birdbath are always busy!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Bigger In Texas!

Located in DFW’s 200-acre Rental Car Center this sculpture is enormous! It depicts a cowboy driving two long horn steers.
DFW Airport is full of wonderful art.

American Airline's DC-3 Flagship Knoxville

Sitting on the hard stand at DFW yesterday was American Airline's Flagship Knoxville!
The Flagship Knoxville's last flight came on May 4, 1993. Piloted by Capt. William S. McCormick and Capt. Ray Newhouse, the aircraft was flown from Tulsa to the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Capt. McCormick had previously flown the Flagship Knoxville in the 1940s and had accumulated more than 10,000 flight hours in Douglas DC-3s. From the D/FW Airport, the Flagship Knoxville was disassembled and towed to the C.R. Smith Museum. Lifted into place on the museum's patio by a pair of cranes, the aircraft served as a focal point of the then newly opened museum.
Unfortunately, during the following five years, exposure to Texas weather took a terrible toll on the Flagship Knoxville's markings and fabric covered control surfaces. The aircraft was removed from its perch in front of the C.R. Smith Museum on February 9, 1998 and towed to the American Airlines maintenance facility at D/FW Airport. A team of volunteers and American employees completed a second restoration of the Flagship Knoxville in the fall of 1998. The aircraft returned to the museum and was lifted into its specially built "hangar" in November 1998. The cost of the constructing the Flagship Knoxville's 10,000 sq. foot glass exhibit pavilion was supported by the sale of thousands of engraved bricks that make up its floor. Preserved and protected in its new home, the Flagship Knoxville continues to serve as a tangible reminder of American Airlines' early history and the golden age of World War II-era commercial air transportation.