Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nashville Folks!

The Parrish klan from Nashville TN visited Woodstock last Sunday/Monday. We had a great family dinner and visit.
Here from L/R is Aubrey, her Dad Eric and Eric's Mom Aunt Carolyn.

Better Than Sex!

Beth made her famous "Better Than Sex" chocolate truffle for our family gathering last Sunday.
She should rename it "Gone in 60 Seconds" as that's how long it lasts, lol!

The Devil Awakens!

Daddy I really didn't mean to eat your leather belt and pants pocket buttons last night!
Besides it was your fault leaving them on the bed after your late flight home in a snow storm from Detroit Thursday evening. I've told you a million times don't leave things laying around that I might find interesting.
I found the belt to be a bit dry and not nearly as tasty as your shoes!
Do you still love me?

Gaget enjoying the day!

Here's Gaget enjoying a family gathering last Sunday at his house. He was the perfect host!

Rhythm of the Waves

Standing watch in the impressive rotunda at the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club is the Wheeler Williams' bronze sculpture Rhythm of the Waves.
A native of Chicago, Wheeler WilliamsAmerican, 1897-1972 is known for his allegorical, narrative work including "Tablets to Pioneers" on the Michigan Avenue bridge in Chicago, and "Settlers of the Seaboard" in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia.He graduated with honors from Yale University in 1919 and earned a Master of Architecture degree from Harvard in 1922. He studied at the Art Institute of Chicago with sculptor Albin Polasek and also studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris.

Three Santa's!

I swear I don't know what happened! It was 1966 just yesterday!
Now some 42 years later here's from L/R Doug, myself and Steve at the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club for dinner a few weeks ago.
I don't think we look that much different, lol!

Prince of Wales School

On a sunny Saturday in January, another of Windsor's treasures was lost. The grade school that I, my mom and aunts and uncles attended Prince of Wales Public School, owned by the University of Windsor since the school closed in the mid-90s, finally met the wrecking ball, amid the tears of a group of former students and onlookers alike. A sad day indeed!

843 Partington Ave.

Excellent Student rental property...close to the U of W. This is a very clean, newly renovated 3 bedroom house. All computer networked, cable ready, A/C, hardwood flooring, parking in driveway says the Windsor newspaper was my childhood home! My bedroom was the window on the right.
Back in the days of horse drawn milk carts and small children playing street hockey during endless summer days the house was covered with red brick siding shingles, had a enclosed front porch, driveway and a garage.
As seen in the picture the tree is still in the backyard as is my pussy willow bush planted around 1956!
The wire fence to the right that I still have scares from on my right wrist has been replaced by a wooden fence.
Elizabeth came home as a newborn to this house in 1957!

Lake Erie Ice

Did you know because of its relatively shallow depth, Lake Erie is the only Great Lake that may freeze solid, shore to shore, during winter? This picture was taken three weeks ago over the western basin of Lake Erie, i.e. the lake approximately west of a diagonal line from Point Pelee to Sandusky Bay

Lake Erie develops an extensive ice cover most winters because, in comparison to the other Great Lakes, it is relatively shallow (mean depth: 19 m), it has a relatively small volume that does not store a lot of heat, and it has sufficiently low fall and winter air temperatures. The Annual Maximum Ice Cover (AMIC) is a useful indicator that measures the maximum lake surface area covered by ice each year (Assel et al. 2003). AMIC was greater than or equal to 80% in 37 of the 43 winters between 1963 and 2005

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549 MPH!!!

No I wasn't driving northwest at 549 MPH late for a CVS final walk!
While flying to Detroit last week I spent some time programing my GPS which had acquired the satellite while in the air so I had to take a picture of it.

Worlds Largest Tire!

During my frequent travels to Detroit MI lately I've passed by the "Worlds Largest Tire" while leaving the airport.
The 80-foot Uniroyal Tire was first a Ferris wheel at the New York 1964-1965 World's Fair before its creators brought it back home to Michigan.
While it would fit on a 200-foot-tall car just fine, today the 12-ton radial serves as an advertisement at Uniroyal headquarters just off I-94.
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