Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wild Turkeys

If you click to enlarge you'll see the wild turkeys I saw on my way home from Lakeport today!

Where the Buffalo Roam!

There was no doubt that I was either five miles before or after the Bison/Buffalo ranch located on Hwy 29 between Ukiah and Lakeport CA. I can’t imagine neighbors in the area are thrilled to live down wind on a hot day.
Bison meat may be good for you but Bison gas is definitely hazardous to your health, lol!

Lake Port, Ca.

This week saw me visiting Lakeport, Ca. which is located on the western shores of Clear Lake.
Lakeport is the oldest community (incorporated in 1888) in Lake County and is also the county seat. The population of the area is about 35,000 with just over 5000 living within the limits of the city itself.

Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm a New Dog!!!

Well after a complete check-up, a bunch of test, a round of antibiotics for a stress related runny nose, a bath, my nails trimmed and a comb out I'm a new happy dog with a wonderful family to call my own forever!
Even Jackson is really cool!
I love my new home and my new people. I'm soooo glad they found me.
I even have a chip and tag with my name and phone number on it so I'll never get lost again.

2009 Flood

Thought you'd find this interesting! This picture was taken by a friend of the Town Lake and 575 exit that Beth and I use daily!!! The 15 feet of water that covered the corner caused it to be closed for 5 days! The VP and Gov visited our area last Wednesday and declared our county a disaster area!
They are calling this the "100 year flood" now! We're glad we live on a hill, lol!

New Member to the Sarc Family!

Thought I’d show off the newest member to our family! McCloud is a 3 year old PBGV who was a stray that was picked up by Animal Control were he waited for a whole week for his owner to find him, but sadly no one came! Animal control transferred him to the Etowah Valley Humane Society the day before he would have been put to sleep. McCloud weighs 30-35 lbs and is very friendly, loving and really seems to like Jackson, lol!
Jackson and McCloud are both PBGV mixed.
We’re thrilled that we could offer him a forever home!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

What I Really Do At Work!

For years my staff and CVS management have enjoyed teasing me because I’ve been known during store visits to sweep the floors! For some reason they all enjoy a good laugh at my sweeping behavior but if you understand or know my family gen pool my phobia is clear, lol!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

California Rain!

Well the hot topic of conversation in the Sacramento, Ca area was defiantly the rainy weather early yesterday! I’ve been traveling to California since early June and have never seen the slightest hint of rain. I must say it was a nice change to the perfect sunny days I have been experiencing, lol!

Carmichael Chrome Horse

Artist Sean Guerrero's latest piece of art portrays Ben Ali the 1886 Kentucky Derby winner that lived most of his life at a 44,000-acre horse ranch north of the American River that stretched from what is now Northgate Boulevard on the west to Manzanita Avenue on the east in Carmichael, Ca.
Sean Guerrero grew up in Colorado, in the Denver area. Early on he realized that he had the ability to create sculptures from recycled materials such as wood, steel and plastic. Once Sean discovered the unique opportunities of working with chrome plated steel, taken from old automobile bumpers, it became his preferred medium. His work varies in theme from science fiction, fantasy, nature, to functional.
Pretty cool!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

San Francisco Bay Area

European discovery and exploration of the San Francisco Bay Area and its islands began in 1542 and culminated with the mapping of the bay in 1775. Early visitors to the Bay Area were preceded 10,000 to 20,000 years earlier, however, by the native people indigenous to the area. Prior to the coming of the Spanish and Portuguese explorers, over 10,000 indigenous people, later to be called the Oholone (a Miwok Indian word meaning "western people"), lived in the coastal area between Point Sur and the San Francisco Bay.
For a complete time line visit: http://www.zpub.com/sf/history/sfh2.html

Thunder Storms!

My return flight to Atlanta 08/18/2009 was surrounded by thunder storms the entire trip causing us to vector around some very large thunder heads as you can see in this picture!


Sunset on my return flight to Atlanta 09/02/2009

Moraga Flowers

The CVS in Moraga Ca did a brisk business in flower sales.
They would have gotten my business if I lived locally!


I also had two sick trees cut down before the start of our fall/winter storm season.

New Shower Head

So I think I'm still in a Holiday Inn when I'm home I installed a new Holiday Inn type shower head during my last trip home!

New Kitchen Ceiling Fan

We have always wanted a ceiling fan in our kitchen so last trip home I removed the old light fixture and installed a new ceiling fan.

New Wood Floors

We're finally ready to install new solid hardwood floors down our main floor hallway and down the basement stairs to the garage. 120 square foot of hardwood had to acclimate itself for nine days while I was in SF and is now ready to be installed.
Now all we have to do is get a firm date from our contractor to install.