Friday, May 28, 2010

A Snoozy Morning

Beth emailed this on Tuesday morning of the pack taking an early morning snoze.
Ahhhhh a dogs life :o)

The Great Trash Kaper!

The pantry was ajar just enough, we suspect, for a slender chihuahua paw to slip through...and the rest is pictorially documented...except for the trash found on the stairs and in the hall : )!
Marco of course denies the whole think!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Home of the Electric Clock?

While visiting a project in Ashland, MA I happened to see this sign as I entered the town which said "Home of the Electric Clock"! Well sure enough Ashland was, in earlier times, a stopping point on a major Indian trail which later became known as the Bay Path, connecting Cambridge and Connecticut. It was here that a community of Natick Indians was established as the Village of Magunkaquog in about 1659. Once the original starting point of the world famous Boston Marathon, which still runs through Ashland, the town is also known as the site of Henry Warren's invention of the electric clock, later manufactured here under the Telechron name!
So there you go, lol!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Beautiful day in Winthrop MA

I took this picture of Winthrop MA while landing at Logan International Airport in Boston Sunday. Located just east of the airport Winthrop a beautiful oceanside community situated at the entrance to one of the most beautiful harbors in New England! Winthrop sits on a peninsula of 1.6 square miles and boast some of the most spectacular views on the East Coast. On one side we have a panoramic view of the outer harbor and on the other we have the Boston Skyline and the inner harbor silhouetted against the sky. Settled in 1630, Winthrop is one of the oldest communities in the country. It was named for John Winthrop; a governor of Massachusetts and John’s son Deane Winthrop’s home, built in 1637 is now an historic site and museum.

British Dinner!

Last night I threw Heart Disease out the window and visited the British Beer Company located near my hotel in Framingham, MA and had Shepherd's Pie which consists of ground beef layered with peas, corn and carrots, then topped with mashed potatoes and our Yorkshire beef gravy. OMG my heart, lol!
Since 1997, the British Beer Company Restaurant and Pub has delivered a uniquely American take on the role of the British pub in local community life. By serving as the traditional hub of the communities in which it does business, the British Beer Company provides a place for friends and families to refresh, refuel and reconnect in an unhurried and welcoming atmosphere.

Holliston MA.

Holliston Fire Department Built 1930

This week I visited projects in the Holliston/Ashland area located 20 miles west of Boston.
The Town of Holliston was incorporated on December 3, 1724 by virtue of approval by the General Court of a petition requesting that "the western part of Sherborn be a Town". The name was taken in honor of Thomas Hollis, Esq. of London, England, a benefactor of Harvard College.

Holliston MA Town Hall

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tomatoes 2010

Thanks to our warm weather, lots of water and weekly natural fertilizer donations from Lola it looks like we’ll have a bumper crop of "Big Boy" tomatoes this year.

Florida Sun Rise

Sun rise in Kissemme FL during a visit last week.

Uncle Sam and Aunt Carolyn Visit

Uncle Sam and Aunt Carolyn

Since retiring last year Uncle Sam from Nashville has started raising chickens and brought us fresh eggs during his visited to Woodstock two weeks ago. They were delicious!

New Porch Planting

I found several white pots at a garage sale last year which after being painted yellow and planted with several different flowers and ivy look great on the front porch.

New Red Tea Rose

Here is one of the tea roses I planted along the new bed. The bed gets 1/2 sun and shade during the day so should be great for growing roses.

Update on the flower beds.

Last week I finally got around to installing flower beds along the garage side of the house. I used a new edging system from Home Depot that didn't require digging a edge which saved a lot of time and effort.
I also installed two new trellises to support a Niobe Clematis and a Madison Star Jasmine and planted several new roses.