Saturday, September 29, 2007

Georgia Drought

This morning I took my Impala to Day's Chevy for a recall repair. On the way I crossed over Lake Altoona and took this picture of the lake or rather the lack of the lake!
Drought conditions across Georgia have worsened dramatically since the beginning of August. Widespread triple-digit high temperatures and very little rain have caused soil moisture levels to plummet, stream flows to approach record lows and groundwater and lake levels to drop sharply.
The only exception to the state's dramatically worsening drought is in the interior southeast, where 30-day rainfall amounts have been 130-200 percent of normal.
In late August, of Georgia's 159 counties, drought conditions were classified as exceptional in 70, extreme in 40, severe in 15, moderate in 13 and mild in six, with 11 counties classified as abnormally dry. Four counties are classified as not being in drought.
In early August, drought conditions were exceptional in 37 counties, extreme in 55, severe in 16, moderate in 21 and mild in 10, with eight abnormally dry. Twelve counties were classified as not being in drought.
In late June, no counties were in exceptional drought, but conditions were extreme in 104 and severe in 38. Then, conditions were moderate in just 15 and mild in only two, and no county was just abnormally dry or not in drought.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Janie On Display At CVS!

CVS has used Janie as a model for one of their Halloween displays!
It really looks like her, lol!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Land Of Dixie!

Some things die hard in the south!
The person in front of me in Summerville SC evidently was still hanging to his confederate beliefs by displaying the "Star's and Bars" all over the rear of his pickup!!!
The sign reads "Confederate America"!

Stormy Weather!

While driving between Savannah GA and Summerville SC this week I encountered this thunderstorm moving south along I-95. The storm forced me to pull of the highway and seek shelter under an overpass!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Dog Bunk Beds!

Yesterday while cleaning in the basement I took a few minutes to check email in the office.
Here's Louise and Janie napping on the couch in the office. Evidently the pillow Janie was napping on somehow slid down and rested on top of Louise creating a bunk bed for dogs, lol!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Hummer Video.

This video was taken this evening while Beth and I watched six Hummers fighting to feed.

I Just Woke Up!

Come on I just woke up! Could you at least brush me before you take my picture?


After much concern over their late arrival this year our beloved Hummers have returned in numbers and types not seen in previous years.
This evening there were six Hummers fighting to feed. We have seen red banded, crimson banded, black banded and final green with yellow bands this year.
We've mounted our feeder under our patio umbrella which has given us excellent close up viewing opportunities and we even have had several face to face encounters!