Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

Buddy the Elf movie, perfect!

Moresi Christmas Tree.

Marco enjoying the evening and treats!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Portland Dinner 1994

Jim Fischer sent me this picture of several friends including Beth and I out for a great dinner in 1994 at the Marrakesh Moroccan Restaurant in Portland, OR.

Stormy Weather

Storms raced through the Atlanta area today dumping 3" of rain in some parts of the city. As of this posting it's still storming in Woodstock!

Car heated seats!

Marco loves the heated seats in Beth's car making it a bit hard to get him out of the car after picking up Beth's wigs from Bernadette’s.

More Christmas Lights

Dawn and Brad across the street have caused several neighborhood brown outs with their light display, lol!

Our light display. Beth and I have several ideas for next year.

Winter Sunset.

Except for today our early winter weather has been beautiful with highs in the 70's! This was a sunset last week.

Finger verses car door!

My homemade Band-Aid!


Three stitches!

My poor Beth smashed her finger in the Impala door last week sending us to the emergency room for three stitches and a shot. You can tell by the expression on her face that she's really over all this and is dearly looking for a better 2012.

Christmas Tree 2011

Livingroom Tree.

Second view of Livingroom Tree.

Our small den tree.

Getting diningroom ready for Laura's visit.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

My Christmas Decoration Helper.

Poor little Marco was exhausted after a day of helping me install the outdoor Christmas decorations, lol!!

Outdoor Christmas Decorations 2011

Christmas Seal with turning tail and wagging tail.

Christmas Penguin.

Candy Canes.

Wreth on front door.

Front planter display below front porch.