Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fergus Ontario

In 1833 Scottish settlers began arriving in this area. The freed slaves formed "Pierpoint Settlement", named after their leader Richard Pierpoint, in Garafraxa Township - around what is now Scotland Street in Fergus.
Later that year Adam Fergusson and James Webster purchased land in Nichol Township, establishing the town of Little Falls. The waterfalls in the Grand River were used as power for local industries, and in 1834-1835 the town took shape further when a hotel, saw mill, grist mill, church and school were built.
The Scotts also built stone houses and industrial buildings, which give the town of Fergus (Ontario, Canada) its characteristic historic look and feel. Many of these old buildings are still around - some are even still occupied by descendants of the original owners.
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Belwood Lake

Belwood Lake was full of spring runoff during my visit.
Belwood Lake was created in 1942 with the construction of the Shand Dam, the first dam in Canada built solely for water control purposes.
The flow from the dam is used to generate hydroelectricity. The 12 km-long lake (7.5 miles) offers excellent boating, fishing and water-skiing.


Sandy is always on guard for killer squirrels! He takes protecting Mom and Dad from harm very seriously!
Oh and watch your handkerchief around him, lol!

Mom and Dad Spring 2009

Here's Mom, Dad and Sandy enjoying their day trip to the Owen Sound area. This picture was taken at Big Bay.

Spring has sprung!

Yes Laura in some parts of Canada spring has arrived, lol!
Here's Mom's Daffodils enjoying the sunny weather Saturday morning.

Belwood Sunset

Belwood sunset Friday April 24th 2009.

Headwaters of the Grand River

The Grand River that runs through the heart of Southern Ontario beginnings here just south of Georgian Bay near Dundalk and slightly north of Belwood.

The CNR Caboose

On April 27, 2002, this valuable rail way artifact was delivered to the Owen Sound Marine & Rail Museum and added to their permanent collection. Originally constructed as a Grand Trunk boxcar in 1910, it was converted to a caboose in 1947.
As you can see the Caboose has been beautifully restored.

Owen Sound Marine & Rail Museum

Officially opened on Saturday, May 19, 2001, the "Back on Track" exhibit highlights Owen Sound's rail history through three main themes: the history of the station, Owen Sound's railway history and communications on the railway. The scenic Owen Sound Harbour makes a fitting backdrop visible through the large windows, uncovered during the exhibit's development.
The Museum's collection is housed in the former Canadian National Railway (CNR) Station. Originally the site of the Grand Trunk Railway Station built in 1894, this station was constructed in 1932 when the CNR absorbed the Grand Trunk Railway. Passengers boarded trains from the Owen Sound station until November 1, 1970 when passenger service was discontinued and the last passenger train pulled out.

Great Lakes Bulk Carrier A.S. Algosteel

Initially constructed in 1966 as the traditional styled Great Lakes bulk carrier A.S. Algosteel was built by Davie Shipbuilding Ltd., Lauzon, PQ for Labrador Steamship Co., Montreal, PQ. She is powered by a Sulzer 6RD76 diesel engine rated at 9470 horsepower at 119 r.p.m. and is equipped with an 800 horsepower bow thruster. Fed by 16 hatches, her 6 holds can carry 24,800 tons at maximum Seaway draft of 26 feet and is capable of carrying 27,000 tons at her maximum mid-summer draft of 27 feet 8 inches.
The Algosteel sails under the management of Seaway Self Unloaders (partnership of Algoma Central and Upper Lakes Group). As part of this fleet, her cargo could include coal/coke, aggregate, slag, iron ore/oxides, salt, fertilizers, grain products, gypsum, quartzite, and sand. The Algosteel, like all S.S.U. vessels, is equipped with a DGPS (Digital Global Positioning System) precision navigation system.

Big Bay General Store

Here's Big Bay General Store owed and operated by Don and Pat Carriere just off of RR2 in Big Bay.
Don and Pat offer a wide varity of goodies including 8 flavors of ice cream cones and information on local B&B's.

Big Bay Ontario

Big Bay Ontario located on Georgian Bay is a gorgeous stop as you drive the shore from Owen Sound to Wiarton.
The shore is rocky and the water is very cold however you can swim here during the warm months of July and August. Scuba divers and boaters like to enter the water via the boat ramp.

Owen Sound

On Friday 04/24/2009 I drove Mom, Dad and Sandy to the Owen sound area for a day trip.
It was a beautiful sunny but very windy day.
This picture was taken from the bluff above Owen Sound.
The City of Owen Sound is located on the southern shores of Georgian Bay in a valley below the sheer rock cliffs of the Niagara Escarpment. Owen Sound is characterized by a magnificent harbour and bay, two winding rivers, tree-lined streets, an extensive parks system, and tree-covered hillsides and ravines, which are home to a wide variety of flora and fauna.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pink Elephant!

For those of us that at one point in our lives swear to have seen a Pink Elephant or two here is final proof that they are real and not something of our imagination!

More Storms!

Storms followed me to Cookeville TN Monday. This one produced heavy rain and high winds lasting several hours!

Easter Cake

The Sarc Family gathered for Easter at the Moresi's Sunday and we were treated to another one of Maddy's excellent cakes.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dogwoods in bloom!

Warm spring weather in Georgia saw the wild Dogwoods in our neighborhood in full bloom this week.
The flowers consist of four bracts below the small head of yellow flowers. The bracts may be pink or red depending on cultivar but the species color is white.
Wild Dogwoods, "Cornus florida", is regarded by most Georgians as unrivaled in beauty.

Easter Basket

The Easter Bunny visited Beth early Friday evening so we could watch "Slumdog Millionaire" which was part of the goodies packet in her basket!

Wicked Weather!

Wicked weather in our area forced Beth, I and family to our basement storm shelter twice yesterday.
This picture taken at 6 PM during full daylight of what the weather folks called a "Super Cell" fully darken the skies over Woodstock causing wind shear totals of 100 mph plus winds, hail and heavy rain.
"Wind shear is the change in wind speed or direction with height in the atmosphere. Wind shear is important for the formation of tornadoes and hail!"
Several tornadoes were spotted around our area forcing the storm sirens to sound a half dozen times.
It was a storm similar to this last year that caused heavy damage to our roof which we had to have replaced.
Luckily we suffered no damage this time!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Stuck in Philadelphia!

Due to heavy thunderstorms in the south my return flight to Atlanta was canceled forcing me to overnight in Philly.
As you can see my hotel room afforded me a wonderful view of Citizens Bank Park home of the Philadelphia Phillies.
After 30 years of playing at Veterans Stadium, the Philadelphia Phillies began a new chapter in their history in April 2004 with the opening of Citizens Bank Park. Just as more than a dozen other MLB teams have since 1991, the Phillies wanted a new ballpark built to replace perhaps the worst stadium in the second half of the 20th century, Veterans Stadium.
The Philadelphia Phillies christened Citizens Bank Park on April 12, 2004 against the Cincinnati Reds. The ballpark has a capacity of 43,647 and consists of three levels, the lower deck, a suite level, and the upper deck. The main grandstand extends from the left field foul pole to homeplate, to the right field foul pole, and into right center field. There is a break in the upper deck along the first base side, allowing the seating area to be closer to the field. Additional seating is located behind the left field fence. One notable feature is the seating bowl, which has many angles, similar to Shibe Park. The main scoreboard/video board is located above these seats. Nearly 400 bleacher seats are located on the roof of the outfield pavilion. Fans are able to see the skyline of downtown Philadelphia from beyond the center field fence. Split level bullpens are located in right center field. Citizens Bank Park has many amenities, including restaurants and a team store.

Reading and Columbia Railroad and Stations in Lititz, PA.

Lititz PA is home to the most beautifully rebuilt Train Depot I have seen in the US and what a history!
The Reading & Columbia Rail Road started with the Philadelphia & Reading Railroad Company chartered April 4, 1833 by an Act of the Pennsylvnia Legislature. This is all part of a complex story that began locally in 1857 with generated interest in a railroad between Reading and Columbia. A group of influential citizens from Lancaster andBerks Counties secured passage of a charter creating the Reading & Columbia Rail Road Company, which was signed by Governor James Pollock on May 19, 1857.
Upon the demise of passenger service, the Reading Company no longer required the passenger depot erected on the land leased from the Lititz Moravian Congregation. On August 24, 1953, the 999 year Agreement of Lease was terminated. The last complete passenger train to pass through Lititz was on October 28, 1952, at 11:11 a.m.; a special train carrying presidential candidate Adlai E. Stevenson.The 1863 depot was demolished for the building of the Ideal Cocoa & Chocolate Company factory (now Wilbur Chocolate Company); and the 1884 passenger depot and freight station was demolished in May of 1957 to make way for construction of a modern entrance to Lititz Springs Park through the generosity of Elmer H. Bobst, who provided $100,000. for improvements to the Park.On April 1, 1976, the bankrupt Reading Company ceased being an operating railroad ending 143 years of railroading.The "Golden Era" of the Reading & Columbia Rail Road is gone, but a certain spirit feeling of the "good old days" will continue to linger on in the years to come, especially with the construction and dedication on May 8, 1999 for the replica of the 1884 Lititz Passenger Depot and Express Station on the same northwest corner within Lititz Springs Park.

Lititz Springs Park, Lititz PA.

For over 200 years the Lititz Moravian Church maintained the Lititz Springs Park and kept it open to the public. However, over the years, the maintenance of the park became an increasing burden to the congregation. The park grounds were turned over to the community of Lititz, Pennsylvania through a 'Declaration of Trust' on October 19, 1956. This placed the management and operation of the park in the hands of a 12 member Board of Trustees comprised of representatives of various local churches and several members-at-large.Today, Lititz Springs Park, a non-profit organization and is not supported by tax revenues. Consequently, the park is maintained through volunteer help; conducted by the trustees; and the rental of park facilities.

Wilbur Chocolate Company

Thsi week saw me back in Lancaster PA visiting CVS stores. I stayed in Lititz PA home of Wilbur Chocolates!
In 1865 Mr. Henry Oscar Wilbur and Samuel Croft started a confectionery business in Philadelphia, PA. Operating under the name of Croft, Wilbur & Co., they produced molasses candies and hard candies.
In 1884 Wilbur and Croft decided to separate the business into a Cocoa and Chocolate Manufacturer and a Candy Manufacturer. H.O. Wilbur & Sons manufactured the chocolate products, while Croft and Allen continued the candy business. H.O. Wilbur was assisted by his three sons: William Nelson, Harry L., and Betram K.
In October of 2002 Wilbur Chocolate Co. purchased Peter's Chocolate from Nestlé USA of Glendale, California. Peter's Chocolate is a leading supplier of premium chocolates with a loyal customer base throughout North America.