Friday, April 27, 2007

Morning Nap

Here's Louise napping away the morning earlier today!!!
What a life!

White Plains NY Airport

Welcome to one of the most convenient and second smallest airports I have ever flown into! Easy to get to. Easy to leave. Easy to travel. Easy to park. Passengers from New York and Connecticut frequent the Airport for its non-stop commercial services to 10 major cities.White Plains Westchester County Airport accommodates over1 million passengers annually.
I flew in yesterday for an in and out trip to final a CVS in Somers NY.
They have two gates to New Haven's one, lol!!!
Very nice airport and the folks were very nice.

Lizard Love!

Spring is in the air!!!!!!

Another Impala Picture!

I know what you're going to say, " another picture of his new car!"
I'm sorry but I can't help myself, lol!!!
This was taken the other day at Chris's house.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Waxed Impala!

Today I washed and for the first time waxed the Impala!
I used a new wax from Rain Dance called Rain Dance Premium Car Wax that has an easy to use formula which provides long-lasting, water-beading protection for the Impala's paint. Water beads form then roll off the Impala's surface leaving a brilliant, reflective shine. The Raindance formula contains only the purest grades of durable waxes that seal the Impala's finish for maximum protection, and block out the damaging elements that fade my Impala's paint, causes oxidation, and could hurt her! Oh sorry I got carried away, lol!!! I'm still a new car owner and yes I'm still sleeping in it!

New Outdoor Plantings

I also cleaned and planted our outdoor front porch pots.
White daisies are Beth's favorite flower and I was able to find a new variety with purple centers.
They look nice with the purple and pink pansies don't you think, lol?

New Finch Feeder

Our new Walmart all metal $4.95 finch feeder!

Beth's Hummingbird Garden

Yesterday I cleaned and planted Beth's Hummingbird garden. I also found a new finch feeder for $4.95 at Walmart! It's all metal and the yellow finch seem to love it as it's been doing pretty good business all day.

The large plants under the finch feeder are new this year and are call "Digitalis Foxy."
The Foxglove Foxy Mix, 'Digitalis ‘Foxy Mix’, is a showy and compact perennial that produces an array of pastel blooms. Colors include: pink, pale yellow, purple, white and magenta with marbled markings. The dense spikes produce large tubular flowers. The foliage has a velvet and fuzzy texture that contrast well with the flower colors. ‘Foxy Mix’ has a plant height of 30-36” and a spread of 8-10”.
Digitalis should be planted in full sun but will tolerate morning shade. It blooms early to mid summer being a major attraction to bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.
So we'll see once the hummingbirds return this year.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

New Traveling Toy

Several years ago Beth bought me the best Christmas gift a guy could get, a Garmin I-2 GPS. I used it from the Gulf Coast to the Canadian border and everywhere in between. It was a fantastic aid to travel and never let me down.
Last week while shopping I happened on Garmin C-330 GPS with all the new bells and whistles such as Pre-loaded highly detailed MapSource City Select street data of the entire United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, the Garmin StreetPilot C-330 gives you instant, easy directions to over 6 million points of interest. Features a simple 3.5 color touchscreen interface with automatic route calculation to any destination and turn-by-turn, voice-prompted directions.
Well a long story short I have a new GPS!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Rita's in Philly

Once a year Rita's locations in Philly offer free slushes to all it's customers. This one located in south Philly was very busy that day, lol!

Rita's opened in the summer of 1984. Asphalt was bubbling. Swimming pools were evaporating. The tires were melting off of ice cream trucks. Needless to say, it was a very successful summer, but it wasn't due to just the weather. In the months preceding the May grand opening of the first Rita's store, Bob Tumolo and his mother, Elizabeth, were busy experimenting on recipes for Italian water ice. A fresh-squeezed lemon here, some chunks of fruit there - eventually the Tumolo's found themselves with quite possibly the best Italian Ice they had ever tasted.
That Friday in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, the response was overwhelming - people really seemed to love it. Word of mouth spread like Italian Ice on a hot summer sidewalk. In 1985, Bob's brother John Tumolo joined the business, and a second location was added in 1987. By 1989, the family decided to franchise its stores.
In May of 2005, Rita's was purchased by Pittsburgh-based McKnight Capital Partners under the direction of CEO Jim Rudolph. Today Rita's is the nation's largest Italian Ice chain with more than 400 stores and an aggressive growth plan of 1,500 stores by 2,010.
Rita's features Ices, Cones, Shakes and other Cool Stuff. Rita's Italian Ices are made fresh daily and available in more than 30 different flavors. Rita's old-fashioned Frozen Custard, available in chocolate and vanilla, can be served in either a cone or a cup. Rita's famous Gelati provides frozen dessert fans with the best of both worlds with its layers of Italian Ice and Frozen Custard. Rita's Misto, the coolest name in shakes, is a blend of Italian Ice and creamy custard that, when blended, forms a refreshing treat that can be enjoyed on the go. Rita's also offers Cream Ices for those who prefer a treat that is smoother and richer than Italian Ice, but not as heavy as traditional ice cream.

For more visit:

Chris Home From The Hospital

Our good friend Chris returned home yesterday after having knee surgery.
I'm extremely jealous as the hospital issued him a potty stool walker!! I've always wanted one of those so I'll be lobbying hard for procession once he's finished with it!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Doggie Peep or Easter Mortification?

Well folks they have done it to me again. Every holiday they find new ways to humilate me but this Easter they have gone to far!!!
As you can see they have dressed me as a Easter Peep!!! What have I done to be mortified like this and in public no less.
I swear I'm going to run away if this continues.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Washing Away The Pollen

Welcome Sunday morning thunder storms started to wash away all the pollen that had fallen in the area over the week.
This picture shows the pollen flowing down the driveway during a passing shower!