Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our Backyard Deck and Garden

Our backyard deck and garden. The area to the left is where the planned deck expansion will happen this fall. Summer in Atlanta is no time to build anything outdoors, lol!

Replacement Porch Stairway Support Posts

Two of the post that support the stairway down from the deck showed signs of wood rot so our carpenter from Canada replaced and painted them both. He also installed fancy post top covers! Next he has to raise the cement slab that the stairs rest on as it has sucken about two inches on the left hand side!

New Hummingbird Feeder Support

Once the deck was repainted our carpenter from Canada made a new support to hang the Hummingbird feeder on so Beth can enjoy her beloved Hummingbirds.

New Patio Furniture Cushion Covers and Table Cloth

Using two green bed sheets and a shower curtain we were able to recondition our patio furniture. We also repainted the entire deck and replaced two stairway posts that showed signs of wood rot.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Marco in the morning.

I love Sunday mornings on the deck!

Who needs a fly swatter when you have the best fly catcher in the south on duty!

Marco loves his coffee black!

Finger Cactus

My 16 year old Finger Cactus that has grown from 4" to 4' tall over the years really enjoys our hot summers out on the deck! He's the only one that does!

Friday, June 25, 2010

We're melting!

06/25/2010 in the shade under our patio umbrella! That's right it says 100F on the shade!

New Orlando based airlines!

This new Orlando based airline promises better customer service and more on time flights than Delta! Their slogan is “We offer service that is out of this world!"

Orlando Area Thunderstorms!

During my visit to the Orlando area this week there were several large thunderstorm that swept the area with high winds, lightning, hail and torrential down pours. This one just north of the CVS in Winter Gardens followed me back to the hotel!

Harry Potter lands in Ornado!

Daniel Radcliffe and other stars from the Harry Potter movies greeted visitors Friday at the official grand opening of Universal Orlando's new minipark, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
Thousands of people streamed into Universal for the park's opening day. The 20-acre park brings the Harry Potter books and movies to life with detailed reproductions of the fictitious village of Hogsmeade, the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and the steam-belching Hogwarts Express train.
Universal was admitting fans to the minipark in waves, so the Wizarding World area did not appear overcrowded from the inside. But the line of people waiting to get in backed up through Universal's Islands of Adventure theme park all the way to City Walk, at the entrance to the resort, according to Robert Niles editor of, who was relaying observations from the celebration through his ThemePark Twitter account. Local TV stations ran aerial shots of the queue.

Orlando Airport Aquarium

While waiting for a flight yesterday at the Orlando Airport I had lunch in the food court next to center court aquarium. The Aquarium weighs more than a Learjet 35? The maximum gross weight of a Learjet 35 is 18,300 pounds, and this aquarium weighs 12 tons, or 24,000 pounds! The 3,000 gallon saltwater aquarium, stocked with over 100 fish from around the world, is the perfect antidote for waiting around the airport but sadly has a sign warning parents not to feed the children to the sharks, lol!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Does Marco Dream?

I wonder if Marco dreams and if so what, lol!

Gram and Papa

I took this picture of June and Judd at Easter while the family was gathered for dinner and forgot to post it. Aren't they cute!

Papa and Marco.

Here's Papa with his friend Marco!

Truck BBQ on Long Island!

This evening on the way back to the hotel I happened on a truck BBQ that only firemen were invited to attend, lol! The fire trucks were stuck in traffic due to rubber neckers stopping for a look!

Friday, June 11, 2010

New LG Washer and Dryer

Our new LG Washer and Dryer that we ordered last week were finally delivered and set up today. We have a weeks worth of laundry to catch up with so we'll be very familiar with their operation by the time we're done, lol!

What We See When We Come Home!

If you ever wonder why Beth and I love our dogs just look at the meeting we get every night! Okay yes they are stupid but really cute, lol!

Spring Flowers

My gardens are filled with beautiful blooms this year!

What God Sees!

This picture looking down on a Rainbow was taken last week. I posted it on FB for all the wonder at and my friend Gwen who lives in Vancouver, WA wrote back and suggested that this is what God sees!

New York City!

For the past month I have been traveling to NYC/Long Island working on CVS’s consumables expansion projects which adds 100’s of new grocery items to their mix. While flying in and out of LaGuardia is not on the top of my list the views of NYC are incredible. This picture taken while on approach on a beautiful day last week clearly shows Ground Zero on the left side of the picture!

Tomatoes 2010!

This year’s crop of Big Boy Tomatoes are looking good and growing fast with all the heat and afternoon thunderstorms we’ve had. Should have our first toasted sandwich in about two weeks!


Avocados also located in Bayport NY and owned by the same great folks at Satellite Pizza is a must stop for lunch. Avocados Restaurant takes a fresh and healthy approach to making classic Mexican American cuisine. Burritos, Tacos, Nachos, Chili and the best Fajitas I’ve had in a long while even here in the south!

Real NYC Style Pizza

Satelite Pizza has...hands down...the best pizza in all of the Bayport-Blue Point area. Thin crust, tasty tomato sauce and just the right amount of cheese makes Satelite (which is spelled with only one "l" on the sign outside the shop) Pizza the best in Bayport. Prices are a little higher than Tony's or Pizza Zone in Blue Point, but are well worth it.

Quite famous for their "giant pizza" which is a few feet long and covered in toppings to spell out a message. They are great for birthday parties or other special occassions.