Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Happy Dog!

Maddy and Jackson share some bonding time after his bath Saturday.
His face glows with joy as he enjoys his new loving home and a basket of toys which were all over the house this morning, lol!

New Osprey Nesting Platform

Last year while visiting Mom and Dad I was thrilled to see an Osprey Eagles nest atop a telephone pole on the road to Fergus near the end of Lake Belwood.
This year thanks to the effort of the Friends of the Grand River the returning Osprey's have a new nesting platform to construct their nest on. As you can see the eagles have taken full advantage of the platform.
Many of us have been treated to the stirring sight of the Ospreys fishing on the Grand River. As part of FOGRs conservation efforts Terry Ryckman and crew were out in Belwood Conservation Area installing a nesting platform so that more breeding pairs of osprey will be attracted to the Grand River valley.
Our nesting platform is modeled after other successful nesting platforms installed in Florida. The structure consists of a telephone pole with a baffle near the mid point and a wooden pallet on the top to support the truly massive osprey nest. We hope to have a nesting pair of ospreys using the platform within two or three years so that more folks will be treated to the sight of the mighty fishing eagles.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bath Day!

Saturday was bath day for Jackson. As you can see by the look on his face it wasn't the high point of his day, lol!!

Mom, Dad and Sandy

Here's Mom, Dad and Sandy on their front porch.

Uncle Dave's Cars

When we were kids Uncle Dave was a great Uncle. When I asked him if he'd give me these cars he only smiled, lol!!!!

Dinner at Mark and Ronda's

Wednesday night I was invited to dinner at Mark and Ronda's. We had a fantastic cedar plank BBQ salmon that melted in my mouth!
I had a great time and the Butter Tarts were yummy!
Here's Mark, Ronda, Aunt Mary and Uncle Dave.

Mark's Auto Shop

Here's my cousin Mark owner of Mark's Auto Shop in Guelph Ontario. Mark recently moved to this new bigger location where he has three service bays.

New Roof

After 16 bad winters Mom and Dad's 20 year roof failed and had to be replaced. The new roof is a lighter color that the first and looks really nice.

Happy Birthday Mom

While I was home Mom celebrated her birthday.
I was able to find this lighthouse at a local store charges using a solor panel and comes on when it's dark.
Mom loves lighthouses and was very thrilled!

The Melancthon Gray Wind Site

Located just a few miles from Mom and Dad's in Belwood is the town of Shelburne Ontario and the 'Melancthon Gray Wind Site' consisting of 51 windmills supplying electricity to the Ontario hydro grid.
At about 122 feet long, they look like they could be the wings for a giant alien spaceship.
Each constructed windmill unit contains three of the massive blades, which sell for about $1 million.
The blades weigh 14,200 pounds each and are made up mainly of fiberglass, with some balsa wood on the interiors. The exteriors are designed to shed snow and ice. Each has a lightning arrestor.
The generators are designed to deliver peak generation in winds of 25 mph.
In higher winds, the propellers are feathered to reduce the speed of rotation.
The $120 million Melancthon Project is an initiative by Canadian Hydro Developers Inc., which runs four wind energy plants.

The Day Canada Stood Still!!

Unaware of milk bag snipping etiquette in Canada I apparently snipped the wrong way and caused a rip in the time warp continuim which cause the whole country to come to a heart stopping halt!!!
Thank God Mom was able to seal the rip with a hyper clothespin and the country returned to normal space and time.
Remember when in Canda snip diagonally!!!
For more on Canada's Milk Bags visit:

Sandy and his Slump!

Here's Mom and Dad's dog Sandy with his new slump! Sandy is almost two years old and enjoys playing with his toys.