Sunday, November 29, 2009

Doggy Pals!

Pals for life, lol!

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving 2009 was celebrated at Beth's parents' home here in Atlanta. We supplied our famous "Better than Sex" trifle and a pecan pie as dessert while Beth's sister Stacey cooked a really good bird!

Look at Me!

As we don't know McCloud's history we were surprised with his ability to sit up. He does it unsolicited and for minute at a time. One thing is for sure he loves his new family and shows great glee when given a chew flip!

New Toy!

A new toy found it's way home during the flooring project and "no" I didn't just do the floors to buy a Porter Cable Air Gun Combo Kit!
Oh did I say it's great for keeping the car tires at perfect pressure too, lol!

The 15 Year Dump!

Along with the flooring project we also ordered a 20 yard dumpster and spent a Saturday morning cleaning the basement of 15 years of "I might need it some day" junk!

Atlanta Furniture Recovery was kind enough to except our donation of 3 mattress sets and other furniture for the less fortunate plus we took several car loads of clothing to the Goodwill and several boxes of donated books to our local library.

New Wooden Flooring

Finally after 15 years of planning we leap into our first really large home improvement project and installed solid red oak flooring in the hallway and stairwell.
The project went smoothly until we realized that we could not use the flooring for the tread part of the stairs! We were forced to buy $300.00 of solid unfinished red oak stair treads and finish them ourselves! We managed to match the stain to the flooring and after about a week of staining and urethaning we had 12 beautiful stair treads.
We love the results.