Saturday, December 27, 2008

Roxie the Christmas Dog

This is a great picture!

Tug-a-War Dogs.

Here's Jackson and Gadget playing Tug-a-War with Jackson's rope toy a week before Christmas.
The two of them became great friends while Gadget stayed with us.
They were able to catch up a bit last night when we visited Gram's house.

Christmas Dinner

I always look forward to Christmas dinner at the Moresi's.
Pete's turkey, dressing and gravy is hands down the best I've eaten.
Thanks again Pete.

Happy Birthday Jesus Cake!

Maddie made a deliciously moist Happy Birthday Jesus Cake for the family to enjoy Christmas eve.
It was the best cake her Uncle Ralph has ever tasted.

Moresi family Tree

The Moresi family tree was beautiful this year.

Buffalo Boy and Two Face!

Gadget stayed with Beth and I for about a week and as you can see he and Jackson became close friends, lol!

Gabe's New Laptop

Here's Gabe and his new Dell Laptop that Gram and Papa gave him for Christmas.

Joseph's New Guitar

Santa brought our nephew Joseph a new guitar for Christmas.
His Uncle Ralph is thrilled that he's showing an ear towards Jazz and shared a little Lee Ritenour with him via his I-Pod.

It's a Wonderful Life.

The family gathered at the Moresi household Christmas day to celebrate.
Here's part of the gang watching It's a Wonderful Life.

Grams"s New Dog

Santa brought Gram a new friend for Christmas.
This is Gadget a three year old Spaniel mix!
He's a rescue dog from the Fulton County kill shelter where he was on death row until Dog Pack Rescue saved him.
His former owners kept him outside and he was covered in fleas and suffered from a very bad allergy. His owners were unable to treat him so they turned him over to animal control!
Dog Pack was able to clean him up, treat for both fleas and allergy and put Gadget up for adoption.
He's a wonder dog, very well behaved, potty trained, very smart and extremely loving.
Gram and Papa are thrilled with him and Gadget is thrilled to be with them.
I saw him smiling yesterday while he was sleeping.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I'm Exhausted!

Last night Beth and Ralph kept me up way past my bed time of 8:30 PM!
I didn't get home until almost 1:30 AM after a 4 hour round trip drive to Callaway Gardens.
While I did have left over meat loaf from Cracker Barrel for dinner in the car last night and plenty of water the shopping was exhausting!
The lights were beautiful but I thought for the longest time that we were in line at Bruster's Ice Cream. I was really upset to realized there was no Puppy Sundae for me last night.
I've been trying to catch up on my cute sleep all day!
Can I stay home next year?

We finally did it!

Last Saturday we finally moved the fish tank from it's 11 year home in the livingroom to it's new home in the kitchen window.
This made room next to the fireplace for a new book shelf to be installed after the Christmas holiday.

Christmas Tree 2008

This year we added another new ornament to our ever growing collection while shopping at Callaway gardens.
We also got a real tree this year which is a first since moving into our new house 11 years ago.

Fantasy In Lights

Last night the Sarc family visited Callaway Gardens to see the Christmas Fantasy In Lights
now in its 17th year!
Since 1992, this outdoor light and sound show has glittered with holiday magic for millions of people. Families from across the Southeast have added Fantasy In Lights to their list of perfect Christmas getaways in Georgia.
This year the show offered eight million lights creating more than a dozen beautiful scene and the brightest holiday light show in the South!