Friday, August 31, 2012

New transit system on the railroad.

 In the beginning there was the horsecar. Yes, the first urban light rail system was simply a relatively small, boxy car pulled by horses over rails imbedded into the street. The first system of this type began operations in New York City in 1832.
 By the late 1880's electric generator and motor technology had advanced to the point where its use as a power source for streetcars became possible. In 1888 Richmond, Virginia became the first city to successfully electrify a streetcar line.

New Streetcar and Bus transit system on the railroad.

The new electric streetcar spread rapidly throughout American cities; becoming the dominate mode of urban transportation in most cities throughout the first half of the twentieth century. The electric streetcars became known as the 'trolley' after its original electronic pick-up devise, called a trawler. The trolley created new neighborhoods and centers of activity as the track network was extended.

The PD 4103 coach was known by Greyhound drivers as the “Henry J  It seemed to be much lighter than the “Silversides”  Powered by a 6-71N with a 4 speed (on the floor) transmission, it had 41 seats.

Marco's New Ball

 Brought home this new large rubber ball with a bell in the center for Marco!

After playing with the new ball!! He was exhausted, lol!


While visiting the Warner Robins, GA area this week I happened to see this Tornado shaped cloud off in the distance! Glad I wasn't under it or anywhere near that area!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lawn Work Done

Our lawn person arrived yesterday between light showers and was able to cut, edge, trim all the bushes and just generally spruced up the yard. What he does in an hour would take me all day, lol!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Marco's Bed!

I'm thinking Marco needs a new bed for his birthday, lol!

Rainy Day in Georgia!

Looks like more rain for Woodstock, GA today! Marco and I just missed a sudden down pour and were able to run in the garage side door to stay dry!


 The Small Death Angel (or Death Cap) is a pure white mushroom with a cap and a stalk.
The Small Death Angel belongs to a group of Amanita species with attractive, pure white fruiting bodies characterized by the bulbous base and the distinct ring of fungal tissue around the upper portion of the stalk. All are difficult to identify in the field. Because the base of the stalk is frequently covered by forest leaf litter, it is important to dig up the base of these mushrooms to accurately identify them. All are deadly poisonous and must not be eaten or even tasted; doing so can be fatal.

 The Meadow Mushroom is the wild version of the common cultivated mushroom and is considered one of the finest for eating. It occurs singly or in large groups, and commonly forms fairy rings. It can be found in open, grassy areas, such as lawns, pastures, and open fields. In Georgia it occurs in late summer to autumn (August-October) if moisture is adequate.

Marco and I found several sprouts of wild mushrooms this morning while out on our walk.  I would assume they are the results of the damp warm weather we’ve had over the last week.

For more on Georgia Wild Mushrooms visit:

Friday, August 17, 2012

BBQ Chicken Night

Great weather and great BBQ Chicken for dinner this evening. It's been a restful day after a busy week. Watching the Hunger Games tonight!

Warner Robins GA Summer Morning

Beautiful morning in Warner Robins, GA!
In 1941, the United States Air Force established a military depot in the small community originally known as Wellston, Georgia. The depot grew into Robins Air Force Base, built in 1941, it covers 6,400 acres and is Georgia's largest single employer, providing an important economic boost to central Georgia. In 1943, the community of Wellston was renamed Warner Robins. Both the Air Force Base and the City are named after Brigadier General Augustine Warner Robins.

Poor Marco

Last weekend Marco suffered from a sensitive tummy accompanied by diarrhea and vomiting caused by a chew bone that didn’t agree with him a bit! The poor little thing was really uncomfortable and worn out by all the unwelcome activity! We both had a sleepless night Thursday. Thanks to a few daily doses of Kaopectate and only brown rice cooked in chicken broth he was back to his usual self in a few days.

As you can see he's back to his ball and stuff toy playing this weekend!
He really likes his new green ball!

Lunch with Ms Brown

Last week while visiting Warner Robins, GA I had an enjoyable lunch with Ms Brown!
While some little kids clamor for the brown because of their belief it holds more chocolate, many others pine for the brown colorful companions. It turns out that the candy giant Mars is now ready to give the brown a little color of its—actually, her—own by introducing Ms Brown!!
Mars already has characters based on the other colors in its candy rainbow (red, yellow, blue, orange and green), but until now the candy has gone largely male-centric. Green has been the lone female. Brown will join her, with high heels in full view.

Friday, August 10, 2012

More Afternoon Summer Tunderstorms!

OMG Dorothy is that a Tornado? Nope just a very big, fast moving, heavy with rain and lightning making storm that raced through Woodstock yesterday!

Thunderstorm right on top of our house!!!

The Death of Panda!

You have no proof that it was me that killed, gutted and turned in side out Mr. Panda!!

Poor Panda was last seen crawling away to die!

Papa Joe's Italian Eatery

While visiting the Rochester NY area it was suggested that I couldn’t or shouldn’t leave town without having dinner at Papa Joe’s Italian Eatery on Spencerport Road. I have to say that the Chicken Parmesan I had was better that my all time favorite Thirteen Coins is Seattle Washington! My thanks to John Bellone & Glenn Tribotte - Owners & Chefs for a fantastic dinner!

For more visit:


Thanks to coffee grounds and Bayer Rose Food this has been my most successful year of rose growing since moving here almost 17 years ago!

Downtown Woodstock GA

 Brick paved sidewalks provide residents and visitors with a pedestrian friendly environment, where buildings dating back to 1879 are the trademark of this historical commercial district, the heart of Woodstock. The Downtown District includes antique shops, tearooms and special events facilities.  Specialty shops including hair salon, gift shop, coffee house and furniture store complement the area.  Services available include chiropractic care, spas, car repairs and more.  A walk through Downtown Woodstock brings back the beauty of days gone by with the convenience of today and the allure of the future.  A visit to the Woodstock Visitors Center at Dean's Store will give credence to the slogan there:  Where yesterday lives and tomorrow waits.  Opened in an existing building in 1906, the store has remained in the Dean Family since that time.  Since 1981, little merchandise has been sold, but easy chairs and surroundings from other centuries invite visitors to come in for information and directions.

 Woodstock GA Train Depot located on main Street at West Mill Street, in Woodstock, GA. The Depot was built in 1912 by the Louisville & Nashville Railroad as a replacement depot for a small town, and it served the many needs of the citizens for both shipping and receiving freight--including agricultural products, as well as the arrival and departure of passengers for travel, work, attending schools, departing for military service, etc. Passenger service ended in 1949. The depot is now a restaurant.

We even have our own Bay Window Caboose located next to the old Woodstock Train Depot!

Taylor Chummy Rochester NY

The Taylor "Chummy", built in 1929 is the grandfather of the Piper Cub. This replica is on display in the Monroe County Rochester NY Airport Terminal. It was built in 1998 by the Rochester Chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA).
The Taylor Brothers Aircraft Company filed incorporation papers on March 23, 1928. Directors were: Gordon A. Taylor, C. Gilbert Taylor, Herbert W. Brigham, Ward N. Britton and Arthur Taylor. The initial filing consisted of 2,000 shares, without par value. Shareholders were Gordon A. Taylor, C. Gilbert Taylor and Herbert F. Brigham, each having one share.
Gordon A. Taylor was killed in a plane crash on April 24th, 1928. He was demonstrating a Taylor airplane at the Detroit air show when the crash occurred.
On November 3, 1928, President C.G. Taylor and Secretary Harold M. Shaw filed papers to increase the amount of shares outstanding by 1,000.

Driveway Pressure Washing

After 10 years it was time again to pressure washing the driveway, sidewalks and porch approaches! As you will see in the following pictures there is or was a reason I put this project off for 10 years!!

Did I say I waited 10 years to do this?

Front porch approach and planters all cleaned and sealed!

Two days and all clean!!!