Monday, February 25, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

As you may know we had a total lunar eclipse this week. Beth and I enjoyed the sight from our backyard deck while our friend Chris entertained several neighbors with his new telephoto lens.
He was able to capture this great picture using the new lens.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Civil War General

Located next to my local train store is the home of the famous Civil War locomotive "The General!"
The Kennesaw Civil War Museum (formerly the Big Shanty Museum) is an information-packed excursion into area Civil War history and one event in particular -- The Great Locomotive Chase. Their web site proclaims "America's favorite locomotive--America's favorite railroad story" and they are right. The story of The General, The Texas and the men that rode each locomotive into history is as compelling today as it was in 1862. Following the chase from its start in Atlanta to its end north of Ringgold, Georgia, the museum provides interesting exhibits into many of the aspects of the event. The centerpiece, however, is The General itself. Restored by the old Louisville and Nashville (L&N) Railroad in time for the 1962 centennial, the huge locomotive dominates all the Civil War exhibits in this former cotton warehouse.

Alabama Tornado!

On my drive to Tuscaloosa AL Wednesday I drove through the area that was struck by a tornado Monday afternoon.
The tornado jumped I-20 and knock down all these trees along this hill side.
Glad I changed my plans from a Monday drive!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Mobile River Delta

On my return trip to Atlanta from Mobile AL I drove across the Mobile River Delta Viaduct.
The Mobile Delta consists of approximately 20,323 acres of water just north of Mobile Bay. Second only to the Mississippi River Delta in size, the Mobile Delta is an environmental showplace that is 30 miles long and 12 miles wide. It covers more than 200,000 acres of swamps, river bottomlands and marshes. Congress named the Mobile Delta a National Natural Landmark in 1974; fewer than 600 sites have received that honor. It is formed by the confluence of the Alabama and Tombigbee Rivers. The Mobile Delta is a complex network of tidally influenced rivers, creeks, bays, lakes, wetlands, and bayous.

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama

While returning to Atlanta from Mobile AL I drove by the birth place of Beth's new Hyundai Sonota.
Hyundai's first assembly and manufacturing plant in the United States. This $1.4 billion automotive plant is one of the most advanced assembly plants in North America.HMMA currently employs more than 3,300 Team Members who are building Hyundai's next generation Sonata sedan and the all new Santa Fe sport utility vehicle (SUV) at the Hyundai Alabama plant.
The 2-million square-foot manufacturing plant resides on 1,744 acres of land and includes a stamping facility, paint shop, vehicle assembly shop, a two-mile test track and an engine shop, where the all-new Hyundai 3.3-liter V6 engine is produced. In May 2005, the facility marked the official start of production with its first saleable 2006 Sonata. HMMA will produce 300,000 vehicles per year at full capacity.
For more visit:

Tuscaloosa Veterans Park

This week took me to two CVS's located in Tuscaloosa AL and Mobile AL.
Located just west of my hotel was the Tuscaloosa Veterans Park.
The park was established around 1976 with its only feature being the original mast from the U.S.S. Tuscaloosa, which is now the central display in the park. More has been added to the park through the years.
Recently the park has added a jeep, a Purple Heart monument and the four memorial walls, also known as the "Honor Roll of Veterans."
The idea of adding the memorial walls came about in late 1999 when three WWII veterans, Glenn "Bill" Clements, George Welch and Bill Koeppel, talked to the Veterans Committee about making monuments to recognize local soldiers.
The park started with two walls and recently added two more. Each side of the walls hold 190 names and also lists what service the veterans were a part of and what wars they participated in.
There are also symbols on the walls to show if the veterans were killed, wounded or missing in action or if they were prisoners of war.
P.S. USS Tuscaloosa, was a 9975-ton New Orleans class heavy cruiser, was built at Camden, New Jersey, and commissioned in August 1934. After a shakedown cruise to Argentina and Uruguay and post-shakedown overhaul, she went to the Pacific in April 1935, spending nearly four years there taking part in U.S. Fleet exercises and other activities. In January 1939 Tuscaloosa came back to the Atlantic area for Fleet Problem XX, steamed around South America during April-June, and carried President Franklin D. Roosevelt on a cruise off New England and eastern Canada in August. With the outbreak of the European war in September 1939, she began Neutrality Patrol operations.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Ah to be a dog!

Somehow we humans just don’t get it but I believe dogs do.
Without all the trapping we humans have dogs live their lives happy, simply and content.
They never worry about how their hair looks or what to wear. Everything on the menu is called food and it’s all good! No bills, no work, no commutes, no cleaning, no chasing after the kids, no after school events and finally any chair or couch is a great place to nap!
I’ve always thought in my next life I’d like to be a cardiologist but as I get older I think my mind is changing!