Saturday, April 14, 2012

I'm so sweet!

I'm so sweet!

OMG don't past this!!!

Napping on the patio table.

The Big Max!

McCloud enjoying the sunny day on the deck.

Miama Trip


Clouds over the Gulf.

Gulf Coast.

Beautiful Deck Weather.

Our wooded area off the deck.

Wild dog pack in our backyard!

Squirrel Patrol

Marco spends a lot of the day watching the backyard for squirrels and chipmunks! He’s so cute!

Dead Dogs!

Oh they're just napping, lol!!!

Biker Chick!

In preparation for the upcoming two day cancer walk Beth has begun training by walking the five mile round trip to her Mom’s house sometimes accompanied by our little wonder dog Marco! She has also started to ride her bike wish she finds harder than walking. She’s the total biker chick in her riding outfit and helmet, lol!

Lola's Garden

Our sweet bunny Lola's is buried in this garden and it is in full bloom. She loved fresh flowers!

Easter Bunny!

The Easter Bunny was found dead in the hall yesterday with its squeaker, stuffing and numerous other parts turned inside out spread all over the hall. Poor Bunny, lol!

Re-Painted Garage Floor

Along with refurbishing our deck we also re-painted our garage floor last painted four years ago. Looking good!

Refurbished Patio Furniture

This year we decided to refurbish our patio furniture by sanding and repainting the table and umbrella stand brown. We bought new umbrella fabric to match from Amazon and new patio chairs from CVS! We also painted the deck! We're pleased with the outcome and have enjoyed several evenings on our refurbished deck.

Beth's Easter Garden Water Feature

This year rather than the usual Easter Basket I decided to give Beth a Garden Water Feature so she could enjoy the sound of the water while relaxing on the deck. It was a big hit!

Giant Tea Rose 2012

My Giant Tea Rose bloomed today for the first time this season. It looks and smells wonderful.