Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Poor Marco!

Poor Marco was so depressed while I was away in Puerto Rico for nine days he had to be put on anti-depressants, lol!

CVS Puerto Rico

CVS/pharmacy will open 9 stores in Puerto Rico in 2010. The first two locations, in San Juan and Bayamon, officially opened Monday, February 15.
CVS/pharmacy will create approximately 400 new jobs in Puerto Rico this year. In addition to its stores opening this month in San Juan and Bayamon, more locations are scheduled to open this year in Arecibo, Bayamon (2 additional locations), Dorado, Fajardo, Vega Alta and Vega Baja.
As part of its entry into Puerto Rico, CVS/pharmacy announced a donation of $10,000 to Instituto Psicopedagogico de PR, a Bayamon-based agency that provides specialized health, nutrition, education, and essential care to adults and children in Puerto Rico with severe mental retardation to improve their quality of life in a dignified environment in which human compassion, respect and love for others reigns above all else.

Laguna Aguas Prietas

Located just down the road from our real hotel was Laguna Aguas Prietas and a nightly destination on my evening walk.

Sailboat mooring at its worst!

All I can say is these two skippers should have taken sailing lessons and practiced mooring, lol!

Our Hotel!

While no "Pargun" was aloud in front the hotel had plenty in the back. I really enjoyed sitting on the porch in the evening.
The rooms were small but the hammocks were comfortable and the ceiling fans offered a cool breeze after three in the morning.
Okay I'm only joking!

Punta Viento Beach

Located between Maunabo and Arroyo Puerto Rico on Hwy 3 was this beautiful beach with not a soul on it for miles. I could have spent all day just sitting in the sun watching the water!

Punta Yeguas Puerto Rico

Punta Veguas and the Ines Maria Mendoza Reserve, or Ines Maria Mendoza de Munoz Marin Reserve, overflows with endangered and rare creatures. It is unique in the sense that it has what few other reserves have. Situated on 290 acres beautiful land, the reserve features rolling, endlessly green hills, lush pastures, breathtaking sandstone cliffs and a stretch of the most endangered species of trees in Puerto Rico: the Ortegon. These trees are evergreen and stand proudly amongst the beauty and tranquility found in the reserve.

Punta Santiago Beach Puerto Rico

As you may know CVS is opening a new market in Puerto Rico and I went along to help open the location in Fajardo, PR on the eastern coast.
On Sunday I went sightseeing along the easter and southern coast.
Punta Santiago is an amazing stretch of beach located near Humacao. It is here, where the mountains meet the sea on an amazing stretch of coastline, that there are many natural wonders to be found. If you are traveling to Puerto Rico, Punta Santiago is a beach well worth visiting – even if just to spend time enjoying the surroundings and wildlife, including the fascinating Puerto Rican coqui.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Tired out from playing in the snow!

After a play visit to Grams and playing in the snow at home two of the boys had to nap, lol!

Snow Fun in Woodstock!

As you know we live in the south so we get a bit excited when it snows. Of course there was a giant rush last night buy 1 million foolish folks desperately trying to buy every last crust of bread and drop of milk at our Krogers, lol! Luckily we tend to back stock several weeks of food and have extra batteries, fireplace logs, candles etc on hand.
Beth and I were both off today so we were able to enjoy the day watching it snow from the warmth of our den.

Union County Courthouse Museum

Deep inside Georgia's Blue Ridge Mountains is a gem of a museum. For 110 years the red brick Union County Courthouse was the center of life for the people of Blairsville. Today that structure is home to the Union County Historical Society and it is filled with the historical artifacts of the Society. While the museum is designed to chronicle life in Union County and the Blairsville area, it captures the spirit of the Georgia settlers who moved to this rugged mountain country more than 150 years ago.

The Hole in the Wall, Blairsville GA.

The Hole in the Wall is legendary, having served home-cooked meals and desserts since 1931 and me the four days I was in Blaisville! The front outside area waits for the crowd that will come every day, sit, eat, enjoy and relax. The menu is strictly down-home - with GREAT prices and LOTS of food! Serving breakfast ALL day. Pretty much what you would expect. The pies are world-class. The Hole in the Wall is a step back in time you will not want to miss when visiting Blairsville, GA!

Snow 02/12/2010

Here's a few more pictures of our rare Atlanta snow fall today. The top picture is a screen shot of the weather channel! It is still snowing as I post this with 1 to 5 inches forcasted!

Three Husky Dogs 02/12/2010

Three husky dogs "two wearing new sweaters" were spotted in our backyard today during one of Atlanta's rare snow falls!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Cuddle Buddies!

As you can see Cokie and Marco have become cuddle buddies but we still monitor Marco because he is use to playing hard with Jackson and McCloud and hasn't learned to take it down a few notches with Cokie play.
They are pretty cute together, lol!

Winter in Florida!

My hat is off to all the poor folks that live in Florida during the winter months!
It sunshined and blue skied the entire three days that I did store visits!
It was awful and I was glad to get home to Atlanta!

Visit with Aunt Mary and Uncle Dave

Aunt Mary/Uncle Dave and I during last weeks visit in Tampa.
I had a great time visiting with the Florida natives!

Squirrel Season and Drive By Shootings!

With squirrel season at it's peak and drive by shootings on the rise the pack spends hours at the corner of the house on guard to protect Beth and I from any dangers, lol!