Friday, March 28, 2014

New scale modeling supplies.

 Lighted magnified hood for detailing cockpits etc.

 New glues to replace the old Tester tube glue I've used since I was a teen.

 Canopy masking supplies.

Modeling room and table.

Putting on weight!

Since I lost ten pounds between followup appointments I've switched protein powders and have added peanut butter to my shakes!

Pinestraw Season

Spring in Georgia means spreading pinestraw around the gardens as ground cover. I'm hoping thirty-five bales will due the job.

Building a few new birdhouses.

Rain kept me indoors the other day so decided to build a few additional birdhouses for the backyard. I'm a bird slum lord, lol!

Rolling in the dead grass is so fun!!

Marco had a great time rolling in the grass yesterday while we were out for our afternoon walk. It took a half hour to brush all the grass off him, lol!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

New model "RAF Bristol Beaufighter"

Developed as a private venture by the Bristol Aeroplane Company, the Beaufighter was a two-seat all-metal fighter using components from the Beaufort torpedo-bomber. First flown on July 17 1939, the Beaufighter eventually equipped 52 RAF squadrons, giving outstanding service during World War II, in particular as a night-fighter and torpedo-bomber (where the aircraft were affectionally known as 'Torbeaus').
Entry into Fighter Command service came during August 1940 with the Fighter Interception Unit at Tangmere. The following month, five squadrons received the Mark 1F equipped with Mark IV Air Intercept radar for night-fighter duties although the type's first kill wasn't until November of that year. The Beaufighter continued as a night-fighter until 1943, and the last aircraft (a TT10) was not retired from RAF service until 1960, nearly 21 years after the type's first flight.
The Beaufighter will make a nice addition to the Basement Air Force hanging behind the JU 88A-1.

Rainy day in Georgia!

What a difference a day will make. Glad to see the rain as it will water in the fertilizer I put down on the lawn a few days ago! Love free water, lol!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Best Friends!

Marco and Jackson are joined at the hip, lol!!

Spring has sprung!!

 Bartlett Pear Trees are blooming all over the neighborhood.

 Our Crocus are popping up all over the garden.

Forsythia Bushes are pretty.

Flowering Grab Tree down the street.

New Roses for the 2014 growing season!

Grandifloria Rose "Love"

Hybrid Tea Rose "Oregold"

 Hybrid Tea Rose "Anastasia"

Rose Food, Epson Salts and Coffee Grounds equal beautiful blooms!
I love roses :-)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Play day with Chris and his new Kreg Jig.

 Chris saw my Kreg Jig and had to have one!

 Good to see Chris in his shop.

Making a herb garden planter box for our deck this summer.

 Pocket slots.

Had a nice day showing Chris how to use his new Kreg's Jig. I supplied some leftover pressure treated wood from our deck project to make a simple planter as a test bed.

JU 88A-1 Complete.

Revell Junkers JU 88A-1 German Fighter/Bomber.

 Front view. Note wired antenna!

Super cockpit detail.

The A-1 was initially very similar to the A-0, although the four bladed propeller used on the A-0 was replaced by a three bladed model.
The aircraft could carry a wide variety of payloads, depending on the required range. For very long range operations both bomb bays and two of the four ETC external bomb racks were used to carry fuel, giving the aircraft a range of 2,285 miles but a bomb load of only 1,102lbs. At the opposite extreme when using only the internal fuel tanks the aircraft could carry 5,291lbs of bombs with a range of only 782 miles.
Combat experience demonstrated that the A-1 was under-armed. Field modifications saw the rear firing dorsal gun replaced by a pair of MG 15s, and a fifth gun added in the lower nose. The A-1 was equipped with dive brakes, but a dive under full power was a risky prospect in this aircraft.
The biggest problem with the Ju 88A-1 was that the airframe was not yet robust enough to allow the aircraft to be flow to its best advantage. There were strict limits the type of high speed manoeuvres that could be carried out, especially if the dive brakes were to be used. 
This was a challenging build that upped my skill level considerably!

A fine day at Woofstock Dog Park.

Great weather for a afternoon visit to Woofstock Dog Park.

Marco chasing his blue squeaky ball!!

 Eve and Marco

Looking for chicks, lol!!

Vicious dog runs amok at Woofstock Dog Park!!
Oh wait that's only Eve, lol!!

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Five Months on a Feeding Tube!


Feeding tube installed in my stomach.

Feeding food and syringe used to inject food into tube.

 Love & Peas Protein Powder.

 Chocolate Ensure Plus.

My protein shake.

Thirty-five consecutive radiation treatments lasting from mid November through late December destroyed my taste buds and caused a condition called Mucositis. Because of that solid food and water had either no taste or a metallic taste so I was forced on to a liquid diet. Due to concerned about my plunging weight it was decided to install a feeding tube directly into my stomach so I would get needed calories and water..
Along with the feeding tube I continued to drink homemade protein shakes which surprisingly tasted great!! The feeding tube was finally removed as I was holding my weight orally for a month. I must say I was glad to see it go!

Refinishing our old Hummingbird feeder.

Scored a big Perky Pet find on the internet and was able to order new feeding flowers for our rather weather worn Hummingbird feeder. A quick cut of fresh red spray paint along with the new yellow flowers and we're ready for our Hummer season!