Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cute dog pictures of the week!

Marco napping!

Marco and Eve napping!

Another dog that sleeps on it's back, lol!

Eve and Jackson napping!

Spa day for the Impala!

I treated the Impala to a $20.00 spa day at our local car wash this morning. They do a fantastic job and the Impala looks like new!

Feng Shui Bedroom

To add Feng Shui to our bedroom we bought five pictures “peace, harmony, love, wisdom and happiness” for above the dresser wall.

Marco's new bowl set!

I was at the store the other day and saw this dog bowl set and couldn't help myself!

Want to play ball?

Marco is always ready for a game of ball, lol!

Sunday in the den!!!

And you think kids are bad, lol!!! Sunday is play and nap day in the den!

New Tires!

While returning from Augusta this week the Impala developed a slight shake from the rear tires. Thinking it was a tire balance problem I visited Edwards Tire in Woodstock to have it looked at. Long story short my two rear tires were delaminating and very close to having tread separation!!! Needless to say I bought two new tires! Thank God I when to Edwards right away rather suffering a blowout on the road!