Monday, January 11, 2010

We Need a Bigger Couch!

This picture was taken earlier this morning in the office. I really think we need a bigger couch!
From left to right: McCloud, Jackson, Cokie and Marco.
What a life, lol!

Room For One More!

Okay I promise no more introductions for at least the next twenty years!

Our newest and final member to the family is Cokie! She’s a 10 year old 4 pound Yorkie female with no teeth! Cokie was turned over to the kill shelter buy her owner with instructions to put her down as little dogs weren’t worth keeping! I can only imagine her home life!

Cokie was rescued and during her vet exam it was found that all her teeth were bad and the decision was made to remove them. During that process the poor vet broke her little jaw! She has been in rehab and foster for some time now. She has been up for adoption however no one wants older dogs and that’s were we came to her rescue. She has bonded with Beth and is a bit afraid of me but she’ll come along in time.

Our three other pack members have welcomed her with open arms as you’ll see in my next picture, lol!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Taco Head!

Taco Head is melting our hearts more everyday! We still miss Janie so much however Marco has filled our hearts with great joy. He really is a sweet dog when he’s asleep. Now let’s talk about when he’s awake! Poor Jackson has become Marco’s chew toy and McCloud has banded Marco from the bed! There are balls all over the house and this morning he bit my toe, lol!

Birthday Present

While several friends including my cousin Laura suffered from Mandoline Slicer envy I have really enjoyed my Birthday present. Thanks to all for their safety tips. No I haven’t cut anything off yet or put out my eye lol!

New Orleans Landing

Last week saw me flying into New Orleans LA to visit a CVS training project in Donaldsonville LA.
This beautiful picture of the bay and bridge was taken by accident while landing!

Atlanta Winter!

Friday 01/08/2010 found the south and us suffering under low temperatures, snow and very icy roads. Fortunately Beth and I were off and had grocery shopped the weekend before so we were able to cuddle in the warm den for the day. As of this morning it was 13F and 0F with the wind chill in our area!

Happy Birthday

Gram and Papa helped celebrate my 58th birthday joining Beth and I for dinner at Long Horns!