Sunday, July 17, 2011

Front Lawn Project

The heat finally forced me indoors today and away from my front yard project. I was able to complete placing rocks around the bed and installing outdoor lights before the sun reached over the trees. I still need to do the wiring however I'm home next week so will have lots of time!

How to Pick a Ripe Watermelon

I followed this truck load of watermelons returning home from Florida and it got me to thinking, "How do you pick a ripe Watermelon"? Yes I was bored, lol!!!

First, the curly green tendrils will start to yellow and turn brown. This is a sign that the plant is no longer feeding the watermelons and that the right time to pick a watermelon is at hand.

Second, if you pick up a watermelon and thump it with the palm of your hand, sometimes when they are ripe, you will find that they make a hollow sound. Keep in mind that not all ripe watermelon will make this sound, so if it doesn’t make a hollow sound it doesn’t mean the melon isn’t ripe. However, if it does make the sound, it is most assuredly ready to harvest.

Finally, the surface color of the watermelon will become dull. The underside of the watermelon that was on the ground will also turn light green or yellow if it is time when to pick a watermelon.

As you can see, there are plenty of keys to knowing when to pick watermelon, so you cannot go wrong if you watch for the signs. Once you know when to harvest watermelon, you will be well on your way to enjoying fresh watermelon on your summer picnic table.

Eufaula Alabama

For years while traveling in and around Alabama I have had the pleasure of driving through Eufaula, Alabama.
Settled high upon a bluff overlooking the beautiful 45,000-acre Lake Eufaula, is located in southeastern Alabama along the Alabama-Georgia border, approximately 90 miles southeast of Montgomery, the state capital. The City of Eufaula was incorporated under its present name in 1843, but was first settled in 1816.
Since at least 1733, the site along the Chattahoochee River that is now Eufaula was occupied by three Creek Indian tribes of the Muscogee Nation. One of these was "the Eufaulas" (pronounced you-fall-uhs). It is speculated that the name means "high bluff" in the Creek language, referring to the embankments overlooking the river. In 1823, men from Georgia, looking for fertile crop land, established a permanent white settlement on these high bluffs and adopted the Creek village's name.

Thunder Storms in Florida!

While driving home from the Florida Panhandle Thursday I ran into several large thunder storms along the way. They all produced lots of rain, wind and lightning!!

Two Small Dogs

Here's Marco and Eve enjoying some play time in the den last weekend!

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Live Free Or Die!

I love the NH license plate logo, lol!!  

Nose Hits!

While visiting NH I stopped at a local Chinese restaurant for takeout and the best hot mustard I’ve ever had!! One little dab on a egg roll cleared my sinus for the rest of my life, lol!!!

Backyard Lawn Project

Aeration, over seeding and lots of water equals a much better lawn!

New garden area.

We’ll aerate and over seed again in the fall and by next summer we should have a beautiful green backyard lawn!

Oh My!!!!!

Sometimes even McCloud embarrasses us, lol!!

With 98F temps the “hot dogs” have been spending a lot of time on the cool wooden floors in the AC!

Papa's New Home

Last Saturday we visited Papa at his new home for lunch.

Beth and Papa enjoying lunch.

Papa relaxes in his favorite recliner after a big lunch.

Tomatoes growing outside Papa’s window!

This guy supplies a lot of smiles to the residents in the common room.

Papa's new home at Camdon Hall in canton GA.

July 4th 2011

Flying the Stars and Stripes

Mac Salad

BBQ'ed Chicken

98F in the shade!