Sunday, July 23, 2006

Neither Rain or Thunderstorms!

Neither rain or thunderstorms would keep Team Viagra from having it's cul-de-sac BBQ!
All the roosters squeezed into Joe's garage and manned the BBQ while the hens gathered in the livingroom.
Highlights of this years BBQ was Chris's "Moonshine" from TN and Emery's "Better Than Sex" cake! Unfortunately the group gave Joe's "Deer" burgers two thumbs down!
We all had a great time!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Cluck U Chicken!!!!

I'm sorry however I find great humor in this, lol!While in Oakhurst NJ this week I happened apon "Cluck U Chicken" a small but growing chain serving chicken amd wings. I have to give them a two thumbs up for having the best tasting chicken I have had in a long while!

Cluck-U Chicken ® was started by Robert Ilvento, a 20 year old college sophomore who never made it to his junior year. The first restaurant was opened in 1985 at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. In 1990 JP Haddad joined Robert Ilvento and opened the 3rd Cluck-U-Chicken store near the University of Maryland, in College Park, MD. Later, JP purchased Robert's share of the College Park business and partnered with his brother Simon. Although the two brothers had engineering degrees, they saw this opportunity to become self-employed, for the first time, and never looked back. They began assisting Robert in building the Cluck-U-Chicken ® system.

Seeing how successful JP and Simon were in running the College Park unit, four of their managers opened Cluck-U-Chicken stores elsewhere in Maryland during the next five years.

By the year 2000, twenty Cluck-U-Chicken ® units were operating in five states. In that year, JP acquired the right to develop the Cluck-U-Chicken ® franchise system nationally, while Robert turned his attention to promoting Cluck-U Chicken branded products outside the franchise restaurant system.
JP and Simon Haddad have developed new products and a distinctive Cluck-U-Chicken ® look. By the end of 2005, Seventy-Five Cluck-U Chicken restaurants are expected to be open, including 25 in Maryland "the Home Office of Cluck-U Chicken Company".

Their goal is to have a Cluck-U-Chicken ® restaurant near every college campus and in every city in the U.S., and later, the world.

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Pittsburgh Pa.

This week took me on my first trip to Pittsburgh, Pa. This picture is part of the downtown area.

In the 1700s the French were the first European settlers to come to the Pittsburgh area. When the British learned that the French had settled in the area young Major George Washington was sent to demand their withdrawal. When the French refused to leave, Washington returned with troops to evict them; however, the British garrison was defeated. It was not until the French and Indian War that the British managed to capture Fort Duquesne and construct a larger fort on the same site. They named the new “burgh” Fort Pitt after William Pitt the Elder, a famous British statesman. In the late 1970s revitalization and the “greening of Pittsburgh” became priorities for city leaders and marked the beginning of the Pittsburgh Renaissance. Gradually the economy shifted to education, medicine, technology, and tourism. As the Renaissance continued modern skyscrapers replaced slums. Today, Pittsburgh is home of The Carnegie Mellon University Robotic Institute and is one of the top robotic cities in the world. The University of Pittsburgh is a recognized organ transplant center and top medical school. The Pittsburgh Renaissance has paid off. Pittsburgh prospers and is cited as one of the “Most Livable” cities in the United States.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

New Boeing B1RD Jet Liner at JFK!

Waiting at the gate to take on passengers this new sleek Boeing B1RD is the newest addition to Tweet Airlines!
Hello from New york City!!!!

Gas On Long Island NY!!!!

You think gas is high in Georgia!! Just look what it is on Long Island in NY!!! If you're buying premium gas that's $38.00 for 10 gallons of gas!!!! That also means they will see $4.00 per gallon soon!!!!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Holiday Inn Clarksville IN

While visiting Louisville I stayed at the Clarksville IN Holiday Inn. Due to my status with Holiday Inn I get free room upgrades.
This was the view of the deck of my upgrade room!

Fourth Street Live!

This week took me to Louisville KY and the CVS located at Louisville's Fouth Street Live!

Fourth Street Live! is Louisville's premier entertainment and retail district located directly across from the Seelbach Hilton. Restaurants and entertainment venues include Hard Rock Cafe, Red Star Tavern, TGIFriday's, Sully's, Lucky Strike Lanes and Maker's Mark Bourbon House & Lounge. Fourth Street Live! features a variety of bars and nightclubs including Red Cheetah dance club, Parrot Beach, and Felt billiards lounge. There is also live comedy at Rascals Comedy Club and live music at Saddle Ridge and Howl at the Moon.
Fourth Street Live! also features a major food court with brands such as Wendy's and Subway. Retail amenities include Borders Books & Music, Office Depot, Fashion Shop, EB Games, Verizon, Cool Shades, CVS and others.

Fourth Street Live4th Street (between Liberty and Muhammad Ali Boulevard)Louisville, KY 40202Web site:

Waiting For The Fireworks

Spectators wait patiently for the fireworks to begin!
From left to right, Gaberiel, Isiah and Madalen!

Gram and Papa!

Gram and Papa were dressed for the day in red, white and blue!
Aren't they cute?

Let The Show begin!

Fireworks bursting in the skies above the Moresi's.


Fireworks ready for the evenings show at the Moresi's. Joesph was the fireworks master of ceremony!

Our Summer Fun Toy!

The Jeep was clean and shiney for July 4th!