Saturday, January 24, 2009


While in Detroit this week my company laptop failed so I had the privilege of visiting the RGIS corporate offices located in Auburn Hills Michigan.
My poor laptop was DOA so I was given a new Dell D510.
During my visit I was able to meet all the folks I have only spoken with over that phone. It was nice to put faces with the voices.
Retail Grocery Inventory Service was founded in 1958 by Thomas J. Nicholson, offering grocery stores an accurate and economical alternative to in-house inventories. Within a few years, the business expanded throughout the Midwest and started conducting counts in other retail environments all over the USA.
Today, RGIS has become the largest inventory and retail services company in the world. Our commitment to accuracy, integrity, and reliability, combined with our unmatched experience makes RGIS the service of choice for local businesses as well as Global 500 and Fortune 500 companies.
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Girls Gone Wild

I'm sure you have see the informercials for Girls Gone Wild on TV or possible read/seen news reports concerning pending court cases as to consent and age by some of the wild ones and their families.
While it Detroit this week I happened to see the Girls Gone Wild bus heading to somewhere wild and I hope warmer!

White Plains Snow

Please remember that I live in Atlanta GA so seeing and being in snow is a big thing!
While in White Plains NY two weeks ago I awoke to six additional inches of fresh snow and a temperature of 9 degrees!
I was glad to leave on Thursday but was delayed by the airplane crash in the Hudson River that afternoon.

Salt Truck

While visiting a CVS in Rochester IN a few weeks ago I got my first taste of winter. Thank God for salt trucks as the day was very cold and icy.
While the going was slow and I saw several accidents I stayed behind my salt truck the whole time!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Where are they?

I know I left that blue rope toy, chew and yellow tennis ball in here somewhere!