Sunday, January 29, 2012

Laura's Baked Potato Soup.

My cousin Laura who lives in Guelph Ontario has started a family blog called “Happy Canadian Home” and has posted many great organizing ideas, recipes and other interesting things useful around the house. Her recipe posting of “Baked Potato Soup” brought as they say the house down!

A simple comfort food recipe I made/delivered it to a friend that had just had back surgery a few weeks ago and they really enjoyed it!

You can find the recipe and other useful things at


Spring has sprung!

Our continuing mild winter weather has fooled our Daffodils into thinking its spring. They sure are pretty!

More Daffodils!

Here comes the sun for another mild day!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Chihuahua Nest!

Yesterday while cleaning the den I happened to find a Chihuahua Nest or Marco has a lot of balls, lol!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Morning Tea Time!

Enjoyed an early rainy morning with Marco and a pot of tea watching out the window for squirrels, lol!!!

Mild January Weather.

Rainy weather today with an expected 1/2 accumulation!

Sunny mild January weather is causing the Daffodils in the garden to think its spring. Looks like we’ll have an early blooming this year!

Our forsythia bushes are sprouting flowers even before leaves! What’s up with that??

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cracker Barrel Airport!

The New Bern, NC airport was apparently designed by the same firm responsible for all the Cracker Barrels in the US! There are no shortages of rocking chairs at either localtion!!

NC Tarhell WW II Fighter Ace.

"Cripes 'A Mighty" P-51D PE-P bar 42-14906 was the personal mount of Major George E. Preddy Jr. CO of of the 328th FS, 352nd FG in the autumn and winter of 1944. Major Preddy scored 4 of his total of 26.83 air-to-air victories in this aircraft. He was killed in "Cripes 'A Mighty" on Christmas Day 1944.

List of Tarheel Aces

Sun Rise and Moon Set

Sun rise looking east from Morehead City, NC.

Moon setting looking west from Morehead City, NC.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Confusion in the Hamborsky family!

My very dear and long time friend Doug Hamborsky a true blue U of M fan and alumnus suffered greatly during this year’s college football season as his wife Rhonda is a MS alumnus and fan who has brainwashed her children into following in her footsteps by cheering for that other team!!
This year a giant Spartan Christmas decoration appeared on their lawn throwing poor Doug into an unbelievable state of confusion as you can clearly see in the above picture, lol!

Bear Town New Bern NC.

Me and the Semper FI bear at the New Bern NC airport!

These are all the different bears positions throughout the New Bern NC area!

Back to work!

After six weeks of working from home it was time to put my traveling pants on for 2012 and travel to the Beaufort, NC area.

New Years 2012

Isaiah monitoring the 2012 New Years Eve kid’s fireworks display. He and Gab provided us with the best fireworks extravaganza to date. It was great fun to watch them fire off their display!

Beth looking forward to a wonderful 2012. You go girl!!

Christmas Kindle Fire

Santa surprised me with a new Kindle Fire tablet Christmas morning. No more traveling with a laptop for me. The Kindle allows me to check my personal email, Facebook, address and search the internet, play games and watch movies. The only improvements I would like to see are a camera to allow me to Skype, G4 for constant online capability and a possible expansion mini SD slot to upgrade memory storage. It is a really “cool” toy! Thanks Santa!

Christmas Day at the Moresi's Home.

Maddy's Christmas tree, lol!

Beth's two sisters, Kristi in black, Stacey in red and Gram ready special Christmas dinner treats.

Beth's brother in law Pete Moresi made a fabulous traditional Italian spaghetti and meat ball dinner with all the trimmings as we had a turkey dinner to celebrate Thanksgiving!

Uncle Ralph got some lucky boy a new train consisting of a 1950’s F7 Diesel locomotive and two passenger cars that light up showing the silhouette of the passengers inside!

Isaiah and Maddy separating and passing out presents before the big opening!

Joseph, Gab and Isaiah playing a new space video games on Joe’s laptop.

My beautiful Christmas Elf!