Saturday, May 24, 2014

Marco goes to PetSmart

Marco loves his monthly visit to PetSmart. He picked out a Purple Beaver Ball and a harness which he returned because he didn't like it so much!!

Lazy Sunday Morning

We house sat our friend Shannon's dog Lacy this last weekend so there was a extra body in the bed, lol!!

Warm Southern Days in the Backyard

High School Graduation Day May 2014

Our very beautiful and highly intelligent niece Maddy and her friend Annie graduated from High School this weekend. We're all so proud of them both!
Hopefully after collage she'll land a career at either NASA or SpaceX and get her loving uncle free passes to all the launches, lol!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ju88C-6 Cockpit Complete

Thanks to the kind suggestion from the folks at the Large Scale Modeller Forum, YouTube and other sights I'm thrilled with the result I've obtained so far with this Ju88C-6 model. The cockpit is was completed using my new found weathering, chipping and seat-belt skills. Oh and the airbrush makes a world of difference!!

Day in the shade!!

With temperatures hovering near 90F last week everyone spent the day in the shade, me included!

Putt Putt Golf Tournament!

Beth and I played round one of our spring Masters Putt Putt Tournament last week and I won by one point, lol!! Hole 3 is a correction as she tried to give me her score!!

Afternoon thunderstorm season!

Love to watch the thunderstorms developing in the afternoons.

Yearly Vaccinations :-(

I took poor Marco to visit Dr. Stolz at Quick Shots for his yearly vaccinations on Monday.
Not sure who the shots hurt worse :-(