Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Snow Video!


Ok I don't want to hear a word from my snow bound Canadian family, lol!!! It started to snow this evening around 6 PM and we're still have a sleet/snow mix. I thought you all would enjoy our snow storm, lol!


thesharpesquad said...

Wow Ralph....thats just awful. I hope you and Beth stored up on your canned goods and bottled water incase you don't get out for days.

HeartSmart said...

Yea, yea, lol!!! Remember this is the south. Any snow freaks us out, lol!!

The Keller Krew said...

You should see how we react up here to heat! If it goes above 25 degrees celsius they issue a heat alert and warn people to stay out of the sun and drink lots of water!

HeartSmart said...

Area climate is interesting how we react to our weather, lol!!!
Anything other than 80 degrees is a weather alert here!