Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Introducing Marco Fidel Taco Jose Cuervo Sarc!!!

We are pleased to introduce the newest rescued member of the Sarc family, Marco Fidel Taco Jose Cuervo Sarc!!! I'll let you guess what bred he his, lol!
Marco is a Chihauhua Fox Terrier mix, 1 year old, 7 pounds. He was rescued from a kill shelter by Mostly Mutts here in Atlanta and placed in a foster home. He has good house manners, loves toys and can fetch a ball faster than a bullet, lol! It was love at first sight. He gets along very well with Jackson and McCloud and Beth loves him :-)!
While we are still saddened and broken hearted by Janie's passing Beth and I are committed to the rescue of sheltered dogs.

Visit Mostly Mutts at http://www.mostlymutts.org

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