Friday, March 05, 2010

When We Win The Lottery!

Beth and I have renewed our efforts to win the lottery so we can buy this island!
Acklins and Crooked Island are two of the four islands forming an atoll which hugs the beautiful shallow waters of the Bight of Acklins. Bordered by the nearly uninhabited Castle Island and Long Cay, they are as natural as they were when The Bahamas was first "discovered." Columbus reputedly sailed down the leeward side of the islands through the narrow Crooked Island Passage, which has ever since served as an important route for steam ships travelling from Europe to Central and South America. This seaway, referred to locally as 'the going through,' also earned these islands the notorious reputation as convenient bases for buccaneers and pirates, who attacked ships in these shallow waters.
Quiet and remote, the island's natural attributes are many. An abundance of bird life thrives on the cliffs and reefs around the islands and magnificent limestone caves hide secrets from the past. Coral gardens, shelves and reefs are a treat for divers and the deep creeks, tidal flats, and pools filled with game fish make it a sportman's delight. Spectacular, untouched, white sand beaches stretch for miles.


Ronda said...

I would like to build a cottage on your island when you win the lottery and purchase it. Thanks.

HeartSmart said...

Oh I'll build a cottage for you, lol! Saved your money!