Monday, August 23, 2010

Grand River at Elora Ontario

Elora is set in one of the most picturesque areas of Ontario, surrounded by rolling hills and Mennonite farmland.

Elora is famous for the spectacular Elora Gorge and its 80 foot limestone cliffs descending into the Grand and Irvine Rivers. Adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers regularly flock to Elora to enjoy some fun and take in the glorious natural beauty.

Many original stone buildings from the 1800’s still make up the downtown village centre. Over the decades, Elora has maintained its old world charm and the century-old buildings have been transformed into unique galleries, gift shops, artists studios and charming restaurants creating a four-season shopping and dining destination.

Elora is a cultural haven with so much to offer. Rich in music, visual arts, crafts, upscale boutiques, natural beauty, architecture, culinary flavours, and a diverse culture; Elora provides an alternative lifestyle not typically found in small, rural communities. Discover for yourself what makes Elora so unique and you will fall in love with Elora!

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