Saturday, October 01, 2011

Woodstock Tornado

A tornado hit our area a 1/8th of a mile from our house on Labor Day causing damage to about 400 homes and businesses in the area. These pictures were taken just down the street and show the path of the tornado.
Authorities say one person was injured in the tornado as the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee crossed the state.
Lt. Jay Baker with the Cherokee County Sheriff's department said the storm toppled trees Monday afternoon and several trees landed in homes. He said the victim was taken to the hospital but the person's condition is not known.
Weather officials say much of North Georgia is being hit with heavy rains and strong winds as the storm system moves through. Most of the state was under tornado and flood watches starting Monday afternoon.
Officials also said the state will get between two and four inches of rain by Tuesday morning and we did!!

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The Keller Krew said...

I admit that I grew up metric, but an 1/8th of a mile is practically right next to you, isn't it?