Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Trip to Gatlinburg TN

Last weekend the family gathered in Gatlinburg TN to spread Judd’s ashes in his beloved Smoky Mountains. Beth headed up on Sunday and Marco and I drove up leaving at 6 AM!

6 AM was a bit early for my copilot, lol!

Pit stop along the way!

Finally made it to the hotel where we were glad to see Beth and take a short nap!

The Smoky Mountains.

While driving around the Smoky Mountain National Forrest we happened upon this Bear Cub far up in a tree. I suggested to the family that we stay in our car to take pictures as Momma Bear may be nearby!

Marco barked at this poor deer, lol!

This passing thunderstorm forced our lunch party into our cars.

A Tennessee Mountain dog!


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