Monday, July 02, 2012

Pampas Grass

I've been trying for several years to plant the garden close to the woods. The soil is solid clay and the garden get full hot sun for at least six hours per day. Most plants that can line on the planet Mercury will live in this garden!!
An ornamental grass, Pampas is also known as Cortaderia selloana. Pampas grass plants grow in large clumps and achieve the height anywhere between eight to ten feet. Being ornamental, the flowers that are borne on this evergreen grass are white, pink, rose or purple in color. The flowers are like plumes, plumes resemble feathers in texture, shape and lightness. Some dwarf varieties have also been introduced to suit specific landscaping requirements. Male and female pampas differ slightly in their plume bearing abilities. Male plumes are thin and narrow, as they lack tiny hair that form the flowers, whereas females have very fine silk hair on their plumes, that gives them a long, thick and a very elegant appearance.
We'll see how it does!!

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