Sunday, September 16, 2012

Murdick's Fudge

Thanks to my dear friends Doug and Rhonda Hamborsky for the wonderful Murdick's Fudge from Mackinac Island Michigan!! You guys are the greatest!!
Fudge making began as Mackinac Island transitioned from a wealthy fur trading post to famous summer resort. In 1887, the construction of the Grand Hotel promised to make Mackinac a center of tourism and a perfect place to start a summer candy business. The building of the Grand Hotel brought father and son sail makers, Henry and Jerome (known as Rome) Murdick to the island to make the huge canvas awnings for the hotel. With the family came, Mrs. Henry Murdick and her confectionary skills and recipes.
In 1887, Mackinac's first candy shop, Murdick's Candy Kitchen, opened. It was a modest Vh story building on the waterside of Main Street. Henry Murdick made sails in his boat livery in the back of the building, while Rome made fudge using his mother's recipe. It was here that the marble table was first used to make fudge, a process which gave the fudge a unique texture and also provided a great show for visitors. Rome, like many other fudge makers was a showman at heart.

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