Friday, August 31, 2012

New transit system on the railroad.

 In the beginning there was the horsecar. Yes, the first urban light rail system was simply a relatively small, boxy car pulled by horses over rails imbedded into the street. The first system of this type began operations in New York City in 1832.
 By the late 1880's electric generator and motor technology had advanced to the point where its use as a power source for streetcars became possible. In 1888 Richmond, Virginia became the first city to successfully electrify a streetcar line.

New Streetcar and Bus transit system on the railroad.

The new electric streetcar spread rapidly throughout American cities; becoming the dominate mode of urban transportation in most cities throughout the first half of the twentieth century. The electric streetcars became known as the 'trolley' after its original electronic pick-up devise, called a trawler. The trolley created new neighborhoods and centers of activity as the track network was extended.

The PD 4103 coach was known by Greyhound drivers as the “Henry J  It seemed to be much lighter than the “Silversides”  Powered by a 6-71N with a 4 speed (on the floor) transmission, it had 41 seats.

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