Saturday, October 06, 2012

Wal-Mart Returns!!

Saturday morning is no time to visit Wal-Mart with a return. The place was full of screaming children and of course their screaming Mom’s!!! One woman topping the scales at well over 400 pounds accompanied by her six equally overweight dirty children all leaking from every opening in their bodies was behind me commenting every ten seconds on how slow the line was moving and talking at the top of her voice into her cell phone, “Really” I could care less who was booted off Dancing with the Stars!!!
All one has to do is visit Wal-Mart to understand why this county is in the state it is!!!

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LizB_SF said...

I can relate to your pain and I am so sorry you had to suffer through this. This is why I love Target and also why I only go to Walmart out of sheer desperation.