Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Back to Blogging!

Good Morning.
My apologies for my resent neglect of our family blog over the past few months!
With the constantly changing social network situation Facebook has become the new source of family contact. All our friends, family etc have made the move to Facebook making my seven year family blog a bit of a dinosaur but truthfully I have missed my creative blogging, lol!! So back to it!!
As you can see by this recent picture I look a bit different. Last August I suffered another heart attack resulting in a double bypass! During my stay in the hospital I was also diagnosed with stage 4 tonsil cancer which I have been undergoing treatment for over the past seven months. I have endured two rounds of chemo and thirty five consecutive radiation/chemo treatments.
Happily I’m on the mend although a lot skinnier than when I started the treatments! All parties are confident that my next PET scan, in a few weeks, will show no further cancer.
By the way thanks to everyone for their constant and ongoing prayers on my behalf. They all have been greatly appreciated.

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