Thursday, March 06, 2014

Five Months on a Feeding Tube!


Feeding tube installed in my stomach.

Feeding food and syringe used to inject food into tube.

 Love & Peas Protein Powder.

 Chocolate Ensure Plus.

My protein shake.

Thirty-five consecutive radiation treatments lasting from mid November through late December destroyed my taste buds and caused a condition called Mucositis. Because of that solid food and water had either no taste or a metallic taste so I was forced on to a liquid diet. Due to concerned about my plunging weight it was decided to install a feeding tube directly into my stomach so I would get needed calories and water..
Along with the feeding tube I continued to drink homemade protein shakes which surprisingly tasted great!! The feeding tube was finally removed as I was holding my weight orally for a month. I must say I was glad to see it go!

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