Saturday, August 18, 2012


 The Small Death Angel (or Death Cap) is a pure white mushroom with a cap and a stalk.
The Small Death Angel belongs to a group of Amanita species with attractive, pure white fruiting bodies characterized by the bulbous base and the distinct ring of fungal tissue around the upper portion of the stalk. All are difficult to identify in the field. Because the base of the stalk is frequently covered by forest leaf litter, it is important to dig up the base of these mushrooms to accurately identify them. All are deadly poisonous and must not be eaten or even tasted; doing so can be fatal.

 The Meadow Mushroom is the wild version of the common cultivated mushroom and is considered one of the finest for eating. It occurs singly or in large groups, and commonly forms fairy rings. It can be found in open, grassy areas, such as lawns, pastures, and open fields. In Georgia it occurs in late summer to autumn (August-October) if moisture is adequate.

Marco and I found several sprouts of wild mushrooms this morning while out on our walk.  I would assume they are the results of the damp warm weather we’ve had over the last week.

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